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a dog trained to guard property

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Air Force Manual 125-6, USAF Sentry Dog Manual, 15 May 1956.
The Quartermaster Corps thought the group might be the very organization to help procure and train its much-needed sentry dogs.
After three months of research, Dogs for Defense decided it was ready to begin training sentry dogs.
Sentry dogs were assigned to military installations all around the United States.
Dobermans have traditionally been used as sentry dogs and are still widely used today as guard dogs.
Military sentry dogs observed continuously during periods of natural infection, verified by seroconversion, did not show signs of VEE-like illness (13).
Antibody titers in sentry dogs naturally infected with EVEV waned to low levels during a 1- to 2-year period (13).
An evaluation of military sentry dogs as a sentinel system to Everglades virus (Venezuelan equine encephalitis FE3-7C strain).
The company guarded the interior of the air station with sentry dogs, patrolled roads by jeeps and motorcycles, served as gate and perimeter guards, and performed convoy escort and special guard duties.