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Synonyms for sentience

state of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness


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the readiness to perceive sensations

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The first misconception at play states that because eating meat is unnecessary and immoral, killing sentient beings is uncivilized and uncharitable.
One might even argue that this kind of strategy for explaining a Buddha's salvific efficacy lies behind the concept of the icchantika (a sentient being who ostensibly can never attain enlightenment).
These are small things, but consideration for all sentient beings is not.
THE QUESTION OF WHETHER PLANTS are considered living and sentient beings in Pali Buddhism is brought to the fore by early Buddhist teachings on non-violence.
The core material of The X-Files, like much of science fiction, is a belief in the existence of sentient beings from other worlds.
Gratuitous Violence refers to depictions of continuous aggressive violence that causes harm or death to a sentient being once that being has been rendered helpless.
13 But these rules may permissibly be broken if, and only if, doing so significantly benefits at least one sentient being other than the agent, and leaves no one worse off than if the rules were followed.
True value of meditation lies in the wish of welfare of all sentient beings.
Shakyamuni Buddha said, "All sentient beings without exception have the Buddha-nature.
Chinul further characterizes the original state of a sentient being as a state of liberation and, thus, advises his contemporary practitioners (HPC 4.
Additionally, he pointed out that the difference between monks and ordinary people is that the former are always engaged in deeds like praying and studying, which causes them to harm sentient beings less but an ordinary person cannot focus his energies on praying and studying the Buddha's teachings due to many distractions.
The draft Animal Welfare Bill says the government "must have regard to the welfare needs of animals as sentient beings in formulating and implementing government policy".
A copy of the draft approved by the Sindh Cabinet available with The Express Tribune refers to Treaty of Amsterdam which came into force on May 1, 1999 and includes a protocol on animal welfare designed to ensure respect for the welfare of animals as they are sentient beings.
It concerns, not 'mere' dogs, but intelligent, sentient beings that bring happiness to humans and enrich their lives in countless, precious ways.
Animals are sentient beings and should be protected from pain, injury, fear and distress at all stages of their life.