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Synonyms for seminar

Synonyms for seminar

a meeting for the exchange of views

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any meeting for an exchange of ideas

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a course offered for a small group of advanced students

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In addition to making the financial reporting program a perennial part of the Institute's educational offerings, the Continuing Education Committee has decided to supplement this year's core two-day financial reporting seminar with an optional one-day Back to Basics FAS 109 workshop.
This past year we held a series of five marketing seminars across the state, a traveling road show if you will, that drew more than 1,750 farmers.
Although research supports the success of orientation seminars with first-year community-college students, less data are available from universities that offer orientation seminars to third-year undergraduate and fifth-year graduate students who seek admission to the school's College of Education program.
Through work with the seminars and with GenEd 300, the librarians are making an impact in an academic program that strives to create information literate, critical thinking citizens.
At the end of the two years, they came to an agreement, including a purchase price and a contract whereby Spidell would continue teaching some of the seminars, fewer each year, "so people wouldn't see the transition.
Although the seminars have followed the same basic format, there have been differences depending on the goals and each country's previous knowledge of the NCS.
The seminar is the latest course in a continuing legal education (CLE) program that was inaugurated last year and presented by LePatner & Associates to law firms and corporate real estate law departments in the New York region.
Nearly 300 people have already signed up for the seminars, said museum spokeswoman Loretta Ramos, and closed-circuit access will be provided to an adjacent room if the museum's 150-seat auditorium overflows with soap fans.
The firm's seminars were geared towards educating executive directors and board members about marketing endowments and the different options donors have, such as charitable remainder and lead trusts, pooled income funds and charitable gift annuities.
Visibility of the Proceedings of the Switzer Memorial Seminars
In one-day seminars the connection is more elusive.
announced today that all of the international trade and customs seminars offered in 2007 by STTAS, a consulting company affiliated with the law firm of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.
Bringing valuable knowledge and education to the industry, TAPPI will present twenty Virtual Seminars this fall.
This is a review of the use of the WWW for classroom-based literature seminars.