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an open-source version of the UNIX operating system

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The security context of SEAndroid is basically consistent with SELinux.
Based entirely on Internet Protocols (IP) and Grid Net's implementation of embedded SELinux, Grid Net delivers secure distributed machine-to-machine networks that are carrier-grade and built to meet the most stringent regulatory and governmental interoperability and cyber-security standards.
New security implementations such as SELinux for improved protection against malware and vulnerabilities.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux implements Linux Containers using core technologies such as Control Groups (cGroups), Resource Management, SELinux, and network namespaces, enabling secure multi-tenancy and reducing the potential for security exploits.
TCS Trusted Linux, based on the National Security Agency's SELinux, will incorporate the security functionality defined in three protection profiles recognized by Common Criteria: Labeled Security Protection Profile (LSPP), Controlled Access Protection Profile (CAPP) and Role-Based Access Control Protection Profile (RBAC).
MacMillan is a regular speaker at Linux and computer security conferences and has published many academic papers, industry white papers, and the book, SELinux by Example.
SELinux implementation to reduce attacks from vulnerabilities and malware
0 Lollipop after Google used SELinux to improve security measures.
Advanced security: In products such as Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, KVM is coupled with the well-proven SELinux security infrastructure, which was developed in conjunction with the US National Security Agency.
Additional security implementations such as SELinux enforcing against vulnerabilities and malware.
The addition of SELinux support to RHN Satellite configuration management, easing deployment of RHN Satellite-managed configuration files on an SELinux-deployed client system.
SELinux enforcing for all apps to increase protection against malware attacks and vulnerabilities.
In addition to conforming to Common Criteria requirements for EAL4+, Wind River Linux Secure also provides an additional layer of security through mandatory access controls, or MAC, along with enabling NSA-developed Security Enhanced Linux, or SELinux.
com/chainfire-foresees-rooting-problems-in-upcoming-android-4-4-3-20140519/) Android Community , the perceived problems stem from the Android's SeLinux adoption.
This includes pre-configured firewall and SELinux settings for secure cloud use the moment an image is started.