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the practice of serving yourself (as in a grocery or cafeteria)

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Nasdaq:PSFT) today announced that it's PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS portal and self-service applications won the second annual product shootout competition at Human Resource Executive's 7th Annual HR Technology Conference in Chicago.
Clearly, PeopleSoft was the favorite of the hundreds of executives in the room, who preferred their portal and self-service solution to the competition.
During the shootout, PeopleSoft and its competitors demonstrated how end-users would use employee and manager self-service tools within HCM applications to perform scripted tasks such as adding a dependent to an employee's benefits, enrolling in a learning class, transferring an employee, and utilizing analytics to gain insight into overall workforce performance.
The WCSS solution can also create self-service applications such as high-touch IP telephony services, directory assistance, and unified messaging.
Nortel Networks technology and professional service expertise is the foundation for many of the world's largest self-service and contact center solutions.
This in-depth study explores critical factors for developing, measuring and continuously improving self-service effectiveness.
The authors have outlined the key concepts and topics that define self-service excellence within the following four unique road maps: