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the practice of serving yourself (as in a grocery or cafeteria)

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Treasury Self-Serve enables taxpayers to check the status of tax refunds, ask general and specific questions, change addresses and see the status of letters sent to the state Treasury Department.
The introduction of the self-serve facility to these service stations adds to the convenience of motorists who can conveniently meet their fuel requirements.
The National Australia Bank (ASX: NAB) has launched its first 'smart store' in Melbourne using self-serve technology.
Canada-based carrier WestJet said it has introduced self-serve baggage tagging for its guests flying to the United States from Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.
com self-serve coupon generator and augmented sharing application.
Among the first self-serve yogurt stores to pop up in the Little Rock area was Orange Leaf, which is a corporately owned branch of an Oklahoma City company that also has franchises.
Coffee Nation currently has 900 self-serve sites, including at Tesco stores and Moto and Welcome Break services stations.
As noted in our review of the 2010, MooBella moved from the development stage with its Ice Creamery self-serve ice cream machine, placing several of its machines in high traffic locations around New England.
Enoc said it has also been looking into several ways to improve the self-serve concept and make it more convenient to customers.
Plans include up to 20 full-service restaurants as part of the 82 locations, and 62 self-serve locations, and when opened the new locations will bring the Tim Hortons total restaurant count in the U.
PE food packaging films include wrappings for baked goods, candy, cheese, meat, seafood, and poultry; fresh produce bags; self-serve and wet-pack bags; bag-in-box liquid packaging; boil-in bags; deli bags and wrap; carton liners and slug wrap; snack-food packaging; and frozen-food packaging and ice bags.
In California, the average price for self-serve regular was $2.
Long lines, crowded aisles, employee turnover, and the opening of a big-box club store down the street have lead many retailers, especially those with Cheese Departments within a larger store, to opt for Self-Serve Pre-Cut International Cheese Programs designed to service their customers and to save time and labor costs.
Concordia Coffee Systems will introduce the Concordia Self-Serve Espresso Cafe, the world's first out-of-the-box self-serve espresso bar, at the National Restaurant Association show on May 21.
Oil companies are aggressively increasing self-serve gas stations combined with convenience stores, coffee shops or other stores across Japan.