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the practice of serving yourself (as in a grocery or cafeteria)

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Among the first self-serve yogurt stores to pop up in the Little Rock area was Orange Leaf, which is a corporately owned branch of an Oklahoma City company that also has franchises.
The pair said the self-serve development in the yogurt industry -- yogurt selling in shops isn't new--follows something of Seattle's Starbucks coffee shop model.
Enoc said it has also been looking into several ways to improve the self-serve concept and make it more convenient to customers.
The new advanced technologies further support the self-serve concept, help accommodate changing trends in the way fuel is dispensed, and provide more convenience to customers when paying for their fuel using the self-serve.
Trials of self-serve baggage tagging have been carried out at Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver international airports over the past three years.
According to the government these trials have shown that self-serve tagging, used in conjunction with new and existing security requirements, is as safe and secure as conventional tagging by airline attendants.
Plans include up to 20 full-service restaurants as part of the 82 locations, and 62 self-serve locations, and when opened the new locations will bring the Tim Hortons total restaurant count in the U.
Though the number of self-serve stations is still small at about 3,300, accounting for only about 6 percent of all gas stations in Japan, their gasoline sales account for 20 percent of the total, an official of the Oil Information Center said.
The lowest average price in the state can be found in Visalia, where drivers can pump regular self-serve unleaded gasoline for $1.
Yashi's location-focused Self-Serve Platform also lets users target geographically, down to precise latitude and longitude.
The average price of regular self-serve unleaded gasoline in Southern California climbed more than 42 cents per gallon in four weeks, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California's Fuel Gauge Report.
A cure for cancer, a pollution-free motor for cars, a center to provide a positive use of time for teens - these are what constitute progress; a fast-food restaurant and a self-serve gas station in a residential neighborhood do not.
self-serve regular unleaded gasoline averages $2 per gallon, which is 9 cents higher compared to last month and $1.
6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Shiny Ads, a digital advertising technology company providing sell-side automation solutions, today announced Self-Serve for Professional Advertisers, filling an important gap in the automated digital ad sales spectrum for publishers and providing new cost-efficiencies for advertisers and publishers alike.
self-serve regular unleaded gasoline averages $4 per gallon, which is 14 cents higher than last month and 98 cents higher than last year.