positive feedback

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feedback in phase with (augmenting) the input

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Such market reactions could sharply contract economic activity, further depressing asset prices in a self-reinforcing cycle," the Fund said.
Superdelegates could rescind their pledges, but early commitments to Clinton create a self-reinforcing momentum in favor of the former secretary of state.
Expanding financial inclusion through Islamic finance can help create these conditions which support a self-reinforcing cycle of inclusive economic growth.
We continually invest in staff skills and through this, we have created a positive, self-reinforcing cycle that attracts great staff to want to work with us.
This self-reinforcing cycle could partially explain why Arctic warming has outpaced the global average over recent decades, researchers report online November 11 in the Journal of Climate.
While none on its own would have threatened the world economy, the danger stemmed from a self-reinforcing interaction among them: Weak economic data leads to financial turmoil, which induces policy blunders that in turn fuel more financial panic, economic weakness, and policy mistakes.
And the subsequent self-reinforcing collapse has been driven by China's indebted investors being forced to sell shares to meet their debts.
The risk painted by some people of a self-reinforcing spiral of falling wages and prices, or deflation, is very low.
Whatever the sector, their benefit to the local economy is self-reinforcing.
Once it starts, the process may be self-reinforcing as the damage done by blepharitis to the delicate architecture of the glands induces more inflammation and so on.
The degree of hiring this year may help trigger a self-reinforcing cycle of better spending and job opportunities that will spur the economy.
In this Soundview Live webinar, The Learned Disciplines of Management, Jim Burkett answers these questions as he presents a coherent framework of individual disciplines that form a powerful, self-reinforcing management system for making the right things happen.
This is part of the self-reinforcing tendencies that financial repression creates for an economy.
The interaction between inclusive economic and political institutions generates a self-reinforcing virtuous circle.
The team mapped out a self-reinforcing network of serotonin and octopamine-producing neurons in the worms that send the lose-weight signal to the body.