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Synonyms for self-destruct

do away with oneself or itself


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Or, they may remotely instruct the device to initiate its self-destruct sequence, which actually destroys the internal circuitry so that even the administrator cannot recover the data.
The IronKey Cryptochip provides military-grade encryption that includes a self-destruct sequence.
If an IronKey is lost or stolen, attempts to unlock or tamper with the IronKey will trigger a self-destruct sequence, ensuring data is kept confidential.
Washington, Apr 13 ( ANI ): Researchers are one step closer in preventing death related to heart diseases, thanks to their discovery of a key molecule in an unexpected place in heart cells - mitochondria, tiny energy factories that house the controls capable of setting off cells' self-destruct sequence.
Once the targets were intercepted and destroyed, the two remaining PAC-3s executed a preplanned self-destruct sequence.