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set of questions


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a form containing a set of questions

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The two females inconsistent in their answers to the question on current relationship status first reported having a boyfriend in the self-administered survey, but then reported not having a boyfriend when the question was administered face-to-face.
For the purpose of this study, the JPAT was modified to be a self-administered survey, as opposed to the original survey, which was an interview format.
Participants took a self-administered survey that asked about their demographic characteristics, sexual orientation, lifetime history of STD testing, and lifetime and recent sexual behavior and substance use.
These include use of a self-administered survey, which allows the respondents to check off their responses without reading questions thoroughly, the timeframe for the administration of surveys (three, six, and 12 months) incorporated results from new staff who had no or little opportunity to use the protocol, and incomplete surveys, as some staff were not familiar with the protocol in clinical practice.
In January 2008, a pilot study was conducted of 60 staff members by a self-administered survey to examine their experience of, and attitudes to, current ampoule labelling.
The purpose of this qualitative case study was to obtain data from a sample of license-exempt providers/caregivers and parents from a mailed self-administered survey and telephone interview.
Women were offered an anonymous self-administered survey.
The Listening and Study Skills Survey (LSSS), which was a 30 item self-administered survey, was the primary data collection instrument used in the study.
In an additional attempt to identify all symptomatic persons, a self-administered survey regarding recent cough illness was distributed to all Amish families, one per household, through community religious leaders.
A self-administered survey method was employed to collect data from 378 employees (216 male and 162 female).
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