Munchausen syndrome

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Synonyms for Munchausen syndrome

syndrome consisting of feigning acute and dramatic illness for which no clinical evidence is ever found

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Unfortunately, there is still a preconception, in patients and the public, that this is somehow a self-inflicted disease and, because of that, lung cancer perhaps does not have the profile of other common cancers.
Yet, the deification of Barak Obama reveals a schizophrenic desire to heal our own self-inflicted disease.
They think it is just a self-inflicted disease and need to realise that a lot of people have given up smoking, but still suffer from lung cancer.
But even if they somehow discovered a miracle cure for that self-inflicted disease they would still need players capable of challenging at the highest level - and at the moment they simply don't exist in sufficient numbers.
There's a paradigm among nonmedical folks, particularly in some segments of the insurance industry, that obesity is a self-inflicted disease and ought to be managed by patients themselves," said Montana Blues' Arnold.
Because 90% of patients are smokers or former smokers, people see it as a self-inflicted disease.