Selective Service System

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an independent federal agency that administers compulsory military service

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He was already classified and determined not to be subject to the draft under the conditions in place at that time," Richard Flahavan, a spokesman for the Selective Service System, told the New York Times last year.
It would be in the best national interest and of justice to all concerned that this matter be determined within the Selective Service System by the Local Board reopening my classification so that my claim for exemption as a minister of religion, which has never before been submitted to the Local Board, may be determined and if necessary the Appeal Boards be given an opportunity to decide whether I am entitled to exemption as a minister of religion as requested in my letter to reopen classification dated August 23, 1966, and addressed to Local Board No.
A better question might be this: Why does the United States still maintain the Selective Service System, at a cost of $22.
All four of these variables came from the Selective Service System (2014a; 2014b).
Initially, all males 21 to 36 years old were required to register with the Selective Service System.
Finally, in April 1970, the family deferments were entirely eliminated by Executive Order 11527 (The Selective Service System, Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs 2004).
Some examples of topics covered include: accountability, the Iroquois confederacy, John Locke, separation of powers, civil disobedience, the Civil Rights movement, search and seizure, trial by jury, the two-party system, political action committees, delegation of legislative powers, gerrymandering, the Ways and Means Committee, the Council of Economic Advisors, the Cabinet Departments, the National Labor Relations Board, presidential findings, the selective service system, negative campaigning, ideology, amicus curiae, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, maritime law, arms control, housing policy, Keynesian economics, county government, municipal home rule, globalization, international law, social democracy, and the World Trade Organization.
Previous military in-service conscientious objection regulations initially conveyed an intent to subject all in-service conscientious objection claims to judicial review using the same standards created for claims under the Selective Service System.
He along with his cousin Juan and his uncle Manuel registered for the draft's selective service system.
Schwartz, commented on this novel challenge to the Selective Service System that will be addressed in a Boston federal court.
El Selective Service System (SSS) se creo como una agencia federal independiente en 1940, cuando el presidente Teodoro Roosevelt firmo el Selective Training and Training Act, lo que preparo al pais para enfrentar la segunda guerra mundial mas efectivamente.
412 LARKIN Makes registration with the selective service system by persons required to do so by federal law a precondition for the award of state-sponsored financial aid for higher education; directs the department of education and the New York state higher education services corporation to jointly promulgate rules to implement this requirement; explicitly exempts females as long as they are not required to register with the selective services system under federal law; directs educational institutions to inform male applicants of such requirement.
Twenty-eight million dollars has been added to the Selective Service System budget to prepare for military conscription which could, if approved, begin operation as early as June 2005.
His primary duties--similar to the duties of Brigadier General Fry during the Civil War--were related to the management of the Selective Service System.
Some suggested tying a registration drive with the call for seniors to return Selective Service System cards.
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