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(trademark) a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels

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Implementing personal mobility devices like Segway i2 SE or miniPRO in daily operations improves travelling time, reduces staff fatigue and enhances business productivity.
Argument 1: If the car replaced the horse and buggy, then by analogy, Segway will replace the car.
According to Thomas Kilbride, an embedded devices security consultant at IOActive, it's possible for an attacker to connect to the Segway hoverboard via Bluetooth by using a default PIN number of  000000-a PIN that works even if the user has set their own PIN.
With 125 acres and 15,000 animals to see, a Segway might be the best way to get around and cover some ground, too.
The new Segway (Ninebot) Mini is available at Walmart and other retailers for only $600.
With the establishment of Segway Europe, the full product line-up of both brands for the business-to-business as well as the consumer market, will be available in the entire EMEA region.
Segway based in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA, is a provider of personal electric transportation.
Segway polo is similar to horse polo, except that instead of playing on horseback, each player rides a Segway PT, using rules which have been adapted from bicycle polo and horse polo.
Try an off-road Segway for an unforgettable experience
Although their work does not address Segway use specifically, a group of Italian researchers asked whether the approach used in evaluating and prescribing AT could reduce abandonment of the equipment; the secondary aim was to assess the types of AT being abandoned by people with MS and their reasons for discontinuing use (Verza, Lopes-Carvalho, Battaglia, & Uccelli, 2006).
The deployment of the SEGway signaling platform positions NewCore for migration to LTE/EPC/Diameter.
The Segway is an individual two- wheeled electric vehicle, somewhat akin to an upright scooter.
Architected for extensibility as well as straightforward evolution to future Diameter applications, this high-powered platform makes SEGway UDR ideal for Next-Generation Network (NGN) deployments.
And even though most mere mortals just look a bit silly riding a Segway, the motorised stand-up two-wheeler is 10 years old and definitely here to stay.
A BUSINESSMAN fell 42ft from a cliff on his Segway during an act of courtesy, an inquest heard yesterday.