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a dog trained to guide the blind

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As well as training and providing seeing-eye dogs, the charity also provides information and resources, mobility support, mobility technology, buddy dogs for young people and My Guide, a service to help people with sight problems to get out into the local community.
In the case of seeing-eye dogs, Labradors, particularly females, are a desired breed due to their calm and gentle disposition and intelligence.
We are not the world's seeing-eye dogs, but its pit bulls.
The offenders socialize Labrador and golden retriever puppies for about 18 months before they are sent to specialized training to become seeing-eye dogs or law-enforcement explosive detectors.
In many ways, her videos function like bad seeing-eye dogs, leading us down a path that makes sense but doesn't work.
Seeing-eye ponies may be better than seeing-eye dogs because
While most people are familiar with the use of seeing-eye dogs for the sight impaired and do not question their necessity, the public is less aware that federal discrimination laws do not differentiate between physical and mental disabilities when it comes to service animals.
There were little people, obese people, people accompanied by seeing-eye dogs, people with tremors, with limps, amputees on skateboards, people with no arms--and they were smiling, laughing, and eating hors d'oeuvres
In the past, airlines had accommodated seeing-eye dogs and other guide dogs onto planes with their owners.
The dog is part of the Companion Animal Partnership Programme (CAPP) and would usually have had to travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft along with other animals except seeing-eye dogs and other guide dogs which are allowed to be accommodated onto aircraft with their owners.
Smith's pet project of late was making sure that the town's residents know that the new community center can legally hold up to 100 people and as many seeing-eye dogs and nanny goats as needed.