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a dog trained to guide the blind

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As well as training and providing seeing-eye dogs, the charity also provides information and resources, mobility support, mobility technology, buddy dogs for young people and My Guide, a service to help people with sight problems to get out into the local community.
He cited seeing-eye dogs, and dogs that search for explosive devices in war-torn areas as examples.
Among the hundreds of thousands of people, in two days I counted 11 using wheelchairs, 9 with seeing-eye dogs, 7 who had cerebral palsy, 10 using canes, about a dozen with amputations, and a group of a dozen people signing.
They could not be seeing-eye dogs, but they have all graduated as service dogs for NEADS.
Brown also offers discounts for senior citizens, families who have adopted from a shelter and service dogs such as police or seeing-eye dogs.
We are not the world's seeing-eye dogs, but its pit bulls.
The offenders socialize Labrador and golden retriever puppies for about 18 months before they are sent to specialized training to become seeing-eye dogs or law-enforcement explosive detectors.
They are also against using animals as pets or as seeing-eye dogs.
A Dog's History of America: How our Best Friend Explored, Conquered and Settled a Continent by Mark Derr (North Point Press, $25) looks at the way humans have used canines--as sled dogs and sheepdogs, hounds and seeing-eye dogs, guard dogs, bombsniffing dogs--as he tracks the changes in American culture and society.
In many ways, her videos function like bad seeing-eye dogs, leading us down a path that makes sense but doesn't work.
While mostly enthusiastic about sled dogs, they raise serious questions about service dogs, such as seeing-eye dogs and dogs that pull wheelchairs.