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young plant or tree grown from a seed

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The biotechnology program at Weyerhaeuser has always been driven by the goal of producing clonal seedlings at a cost competitive with orchard seedlings.
The Arkansas Forestry Commission is accepting tree seedling orders for the 2003-2004 planting season.
Genfor says it has successfully implanted seedlings with the Bt protein, which kills moth larvae before they can do damage.
The association said it will donate seedlings of 54 different flowering cherry varieties for the garden.
The air-pruning field transplanting system is an automatic transplanter that dislodges and transplants air-pruned plugs and seedlings pneumatically using an impulse vacuum system.
But some forest trees, after crashing to the ground, inadvertently provide tree seedlings with a good start in life, and not just because they leave a gap in the forest canopy overhead that lets in sunlight.
Researchers uniformly screen scores of corn germplasm lines by infesting seedlings with chinch bugs.
In the past few years, even seedlings of peas--a vegetable that's not traditionally transplanted--are showing up on nursery shelves.
com/research/4pmd7b/fruit_seedlings) has announced the addition of the "Fruit Seedlings, Vegetable and Forage Seeds Market in China: Business Report 2012" report to their offering.
Roe today announced the agency again will be helping Commonwealth school students learn about the vital role of trees in the environment through its "Seedlings for Schools" program, through which students plant a variety of tree seedlings at home, on school grounds or in their communities.
Despite the advance obtained in technology and agronomy management, seed, germination, and desirable establishment of resultant seedlings have still a key importance in agriculture such that success or failure in production depends on quick and complete germination of seeds and production of strong seedlings.
I'VE always used Cheshunt Compound on my seedlings but can't seem to get it now.
Pricking out, transferring seedlings from their original container to another one where they have more room to develop, is a delicate operation.
2190 Seed harvesting Spruce kankorieziu gathering kg 330 Simple collection of acorns 670 kg of other succulent and dried fruits collection 207 kg of reforestation and afforestation of spruce seedlings planting th.
Central Kalimantan, INDONESIA, Jan 1, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - PT Rimba Raya Conservation (PT RRC) is again purchasing various types of seedlings from local communities for the replanting program in PT RRC's deforested work area.