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In the past, Department of Agriculture (DA) often dispersed seedlings without following a results-oriented system.
Nisa Jalil, Vice President of Public & Government Relations for PT RRC, said, "From the very beginning of the operation, PT RRC educated local communities living around our work area towards providing the seedlings which will be used in the replanting program.
If you were too late to start misting your seedlings in this way, and you see mildew forming at the base of your seedlings, all is not lost.
They announced to kill one million seedlings of Deodar (National tree of Pakistan), pine wallancia, Chir pine and Chilgoza pine on World Forest Day in Islamabad.
Most researches supported the theory that large seeds have a competitive advantage over smaller seeds by having higher germination rates and having greater nutrient reserves for the young seedlings, which enables the seedlings to grow larger to tap resources earlier than their small-seeded counterparts [11], [22], [33], [25], [34], [2].
This study was conducted to evaluate the influence of different plant spacing (15x15 cm, 15x20 cm, 20x20 cm) and seedlings per hill (1-5) on growth and yield of newly released rice variety Shalimar rice-1.
The next stage will be transferring seedlings from their original container to another one where they have more room to develop.
Summary: DUBAI -- The Ministry of Environment and Water has once again called upon seedlings importers to stick to the conditions and rules set by the ministry.
Although blue oak is long lived and relatively few seedlings and saplings are needed in any one year to replace mature trees that die, research indicates that in portions of its range this natural regeneration is not occurring.
Stimulation of hook opening of dicotyledonous seedlings by red light and low fluence blue light is far-red reversible and exhibits reciprocity, as is characteristic of many low fluence-dependent phytochrome-mediated responses.
For instance, spiders could lower insect herbivory damages on seedlings and thus could increase plant reproduction (Romero & Vasconcellos-Neto 2004).
Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of cherry seedlings
QUETTA -- A five days' training, including practical exercises in the field and excursions, was organized by FAO in close collaboration with Haji Sons (Royal Seeds and Seedlings, Lahore) and the Agriculture Research Institute (ARI, Government of Balochistan) in Quetta, last week.
Training topics were among others seed treatment, plant raining, substrate preparation and mixing and transplanting of seedlings in the field.