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The high-quality production of uniform bedding plants depends on high and uniform percentage of seed germination, and high seedling resistance to stressful weather conditions (Carneiro, Muniz, & Guedes, 1997; Heydecker, Higgins, & Turner, 1975).
Importantly, seed germination speed is slow and germination rate is only 20% every year (Niu et al.
To check the magnetic effect, the demonstration was carried out applying seed germination, pH and osmosis test.
Therefore, the present study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of salinity on seed germination in 5 genotypes of Algerian cowpea and further to assess their genotypic variation.
According to the review above and the lack of information regarding rambutan seedlings management, this research was realized aiming to verify if the temperature during germination and temperature and time during storage could influence rambutan seed germination.
being minute and containing very little to no nutrient reserve for seed germination (Arditti & Ghani, 2000), orchid seed germination and seedling development are dependent on association of appropriate mycorrhizal fungi as a carbon source.
These compounds impede cell division, seed germination, leaf expansion, inhibit stomatal movement and respiration, internode elongation and alter the biomass partitioning into the leaves [8].
The counting date was established based on the criterion of 50% of seed germination in most treatments (Brasil, 2009; Ferraz et al.
In the present study, the effectiveness of silver nanoparticles on seed germination of wheat, growth parameters, and control of root rot disease caused by Fusarium culmorum were examined.
Seed germination is a fundamental stage in the plant life cycle (MEI & SONG, 2010) and consists of a complex and orderly set of physiological and biochemical events that result in the rupture of the integument by the primary root, which then continues to develop until a new plant is formed (BEWLEY et al.
Seed germination behavior in relation to thermal and salt stress is very important to determine the colonization capacity of a species [3].
To Heydecker (1977), light and temperature are environmental factors of major importance in the promotion of seed germination, affecting the amount of germinated seeds and the speed of germination.
The experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of priming periods on seed germination and early seedlings growth of wheat.