Sedum acre

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mossy European creeping sedum with yellow flowers


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Control Roof-North Roof-South Centaurea maculosa (CM) 1 0 0 Moss CM) 178 4 5 Sedum acre (SA) 0 277 0 Sedum album (SAL) 362 136 321 Sedum reflexum (SR) 1 4 0 Sedum sexangulare (SS) 221 596 84 Sedum spurium 'Coccineum' (SSC) 13 31 0 Note: One or more species of plant may be recorded at a single point within a sampling frame.
Sedum acre (SA) appears to be a good companion species for S.
The north face of the barn was predominated by Sedum sexangulare, followed by Sedum acre, and Sedum album.
SEDUM acre (the yellow stonecrop) is a really easy ground cover plant.