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Synonyms for sediment

Synonyms for sediment

matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural process

Synonyms for sediment

matter that has been deposited by some natural process

deposit as a sediment

settle as sediment

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The area is underlain by steeply dipping sedimentary rocks of the Devonian Weatherall and Hecla Bay Formations and mantled with glacial and regressive early Holocene marine sediments (Hodgson et al.
Trap sediments and headspace water in the receptacle were returned to the laboratory, vacuum-filtered through 0.
Additionally, predators and prey may disperse from habitats where sediments interfere with feeding behaviors, chemoreception, or general movement (Sponaugle & Lawton 1990).
magellanicus) (<50 mm shell height, SH), although rarely observed in the field, have been observed on smaller gravel sediments (2.
Polyacrylamide (PAM) is widely recognized as a safe, cost-effective flocculating agent for suspended sediments (William et al.
The sediment-water solutions were mixed as described in study 1 to ensure all sediments were in suspension.
Investigation on the removal efficiency of the sand traps by analyzing concentration of sediments and its particle size distributions is of greater significance for not only the overall safe operation of sand trap itself but also for the safety of the turbine units against the possible abrasion of the turbine blades.
Although some studies have shown that P is released from depths down to 20 cm (Sendergaard 2007), most often P in the uppermost layers (~10 cm) of lacustrine sediments is considered to take part in internal geo-biochemical matter cycling of shallow lakes (Bostrom et al.
So, locating the intake in outer band has always been a way to reduce the volume of sediments entering the intake, and one of the best locations for construction of intake is the outer bend of the river [11].
Armstrong collected sediments from two drainage ditches in the Cedar Creek subwatershed of the St.
Through the analysis of these data, it became clear that these unusual deviations were the result of insufficient stabilization of distribution in whole flow of sediments presented in the beginning of the channel.
Critically they used the concentrations of the radioactive elements caesium-137, derived from nuclear weapons testing, and naturally derived fallout of lead-210 to determine if the sediments in the rivers draining into Moreton Bay were derived from hillslope, channel bank or gully erosion.
Pyrethroid insecticides, in particular, are widely used in California agriculture and are commonly found in sediments in creeks and agricultural drains at concentrations toxic to sensitive aquatic species (Weston et al.
At that time, the ice sheet that covered much of northeastern North America was retreating northward past Lake Superior, and rivers flowing into the lake were carrying distinctive reddish sediments that had eroded from nearby bedrock.
coli contamination in an agricultural stream, we monitored streambed sediment and the overlying water for E.