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Synonyms for sediment

Synonyms for sediment

matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural process

Synonyms for sediment

matter that has been deposited by some natural process

deposit as a sediment

settle as sediment

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For instance, main dominant diatom taxa in surface sediments have not changed during more than 25 years (between the 1970s and 2006), indicating continuous eutrophic conditions (Puusepp & Punning 2011).
The main characteristic of submerged vanes, as a method for controlling the sediments entering the intake, is that due to the pressure difference between both sides of the vane, secondary flows are created behind the vanes which cause that the direction of approaching bed sediments are changed towards the middle of river.
Three sampling locations were selected so that the study would include sediments from drainage areas that ranged from 768 acres to 10,625 acres.
By measuring the radioactivity of suspended material moving down the river and comparing this with the radioactivity of sediments, the scientists can work out the relative contributions of each erosion process.
Practices used successfully to retain soil on croplands and mitigate the transport of sediments to surface waters include the use of polyacrylamide (PAM, a liquid or solid material synthesized from propylene) added to water to stabilize the soil (Sojka et al.
magellanicus) (<50 mm shell height, SH), although rarely observed in the field, have been observed on smaller gravel sediments (2.
The river slows as it reaches the gulf because of the tides pushing upstream; as it slows down, it spreads out and delivers much of its sediment load into deltaic deposits.
Material from the workshop, by contributors in ecology, ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry, environmental regulation, and risk assessment, examine the scientific underpinnings of SQGs and provide recommendations on their use in the assessment and management of contaminated sediments.
Over millions of years, the sediments may become deeply buried in the earth
Nous travaillons a reconstituer les conditions environnementales holocenes dans le parc provincial Garibaldi, dans la region sud des montagnes cotieres de la Colombie-Britannique, en etudiant divers ensembles de variables representatives du paleoenvironnement, dont les anneaux de croissance des arbres, les sediments lacustres, les formes des paysages glaciaires, et des photographies.
Sediment plumes are deposition zones for road sediments and have greatly contrasting characteristics to those of the forest floor.
Vaithiyanathan P, Ramanathan AL, Subramanian V (1988) Erosion, transport and deposition of sediments by tropical rivers in India.
The bowl shape of valleys tends to focus those waves on the centers of the valleys, where sediments tend to be the deepest.
ABSTRACT--The presence of acid volatile sulfide (AVS) is of importance in reducing or eliminating toxicities of heavy metals in sediments in lakes and reservoirs.