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Where, 'v' is the sedimentation velocity, 'r' the radius of particles, 'p' is viscosity of liquid; '[rho]' is the density while 'p' and 'f subscripts are the particles and liquid, respectively.
The author covers the concepts of modern sedimentation velocity data analysis, the fundamental forces and essential macromolecular parameters for modeling, the sedimentation of discrete non-interacting particles, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Dean for his assistance with the collection and interpretation of the sedimentation velocity data.
For example, according to the observation of Davis and Acrivos (1985), at low volume fraction of solid particles, [phi], these two types of approaches give different asymptotic forms for sedimentation velocity [u.
and combining Equations (9), (11) and (140) to (142) the sedimentation velocity is expressed as:
Webb explains that sedimentation velocity has long been a means of equating the size of an irregular object to the size of a regular object by having this irregular particle settle and imagining a spherical particle settling beside it at exactly the same velocity.
Pollen is predicted to be dispersed farther under unstable conditions than neutral conditions, regardless of sedimentation velocity [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
s] is the sedimentation velocity, [mu] is the fluid viscosity, [[rho].
If the sedimentation velocity is not towards the surface, the electric field needs to be increased so that the DEP velocity exceeds the sedimentation velocity.