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(Judaism) the ceremonial dinner on the first night (or both nights) of Passover

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And get away they did - a flight into freedom that's celebrated at the Passover Seder.
But it's not OK with Cooperman, who said Wednesday he wasn't aware that wine had been served at hospital Seders, even though he's been at the facility 15 years as chief of acquisitions and material management.
Several synagogues also have scheduled Seders for their congregations.
Jacobs and Cantor Caren Glasser will conduct a Seder with a reading of the Haggada and a traditional Passover dinner at 6:30 p.
Today, with the Jewish celebration of Passover set to begin at sundown, one New York synagogue will push the religious use of a new technology a little further, placing on the Internet what it calls a ``cyber Seder,'' the liturgical text and images for a Passover meal.
The Seders will take participants through the wondrous liberation of our ancestors from Egyptian bondage, as well as help participants understand the Seder's relevance to Jews and Judaism in our modern day and age.
That's why most of Bel Air Presbyterian's congregants are participating in Seders with their Bible studies.
For the Russian-speaking community, The Bureau of Jewish Education, the Federation and the Association of Soviet Jewish Emigres are expanding their popular Passover Seders this year to the first two nights of Passover (April 19 & 20).
Passover works for movies the way Christmas does: Through the lens of the Seder, souls are bared, family secrets revealed, and sometimes, insight is gained.
Around town, traditional Jews have stocked up on these foods and other kosher products to serve at seders, which are usually celebrated at home.
Before the meal, veterans of umpteen seders and those new to sederdom joined to sing a rousing and wonderful chorus of Dayenu, accompanied by drums and forks.
The first two nights of Passover are celebrated with a ceremonial dinner called a Seder, during which the story of the Exodus from Egypt is retold, and special, symbolic foods are served.
We get extremely busy catering all the Seders, and our matzo ball business goes up dramatically,'' Peskin said.
She's been hosting Seders at her home yearly for almost three decades.
Participating in Seders after this experience, Eder was inspired to put the two experiences together.