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(Judaism) the ceremonial dinner on the first night (or both nights) of Passover

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The Chabad house in Nepal's Kathmandu has come up with a creative way to deal with the delay in supplies for its massive Passover Seder: visitors coming to the scenic country's Chabad house are bringing the Seder in their suitcases.
Around town, traditional Jews have stocked up on these foods and other kosher products to serve at seders, which are usually celebrated at home.
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With Talia's Passover Seders, the entire family can enjoy a meal at home or at our beautiful kosher steakhouse in Manhattan without spending hours in the kitchen.
Each year the Nepal Seder draws roughly 1,500 participants, reports Chabad, and has reached the size that there are separate Hebrew and English Seders.
The Seders will take participants through the wondrous liberation of our ancestors from Egyptian bondage, as well as help participants understand the Seder's relevance to Jews and Judaism in our modern day and age.
Passover works for movies the way Christmas does: Through the lens of the Seder, souls are bared, family secrets revealed, and sometimes, insight is gained.
The first two nights of Passover are celebrated with a ceremonial dinner called a Seder, during which the story of the Exodus from Egypt is retold, and special, symbolic foods are served.
Before the meal, veterans of umpteen seders and those new to sederdom joined to sing a rousing and wonderful chorus of Dayenu, accompanied by drums and forks.
The full-time mom hit Whole Foods to stock up on matzo balls for her family's Seder in one aisle, then strolled two aisles over to find Easter gift baskets for a friend's party.
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If you plan to host a Passover Seder on March 27, invite family and friends to share in the food festivities.
More than 30 years later, the recipewith its aromatic blend of prunes, olives, capers, white wine, brown sugar, and tons of oregano and garlicendures not only as a main course for all sorts of gatherings, but as a go-to entree for the festive meals at many families' Passover Seders.
Participating in Seders after this experience, Eder was inspired to put the two experiences together.
According to the Monthly Argument Calendar, just hours before the first and second seders, the Court will hear a case about patent litigation, another about class action and arbitration issues, and finally, Hollingsworth v.