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(Judaism) the ceremonial dinner on the first night (or both nights) of Passover

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Moreover, because he was so determined to keep the young men on the right track, he was equally ready to rejoice wholeheartedly with them, entering fully into the hilarity of Simhat Torah as well as the joy of lively sedarim for Pesach, which were followed by dancing and revelry sprinkled with rabbinic sayings, laws, and midrashim all through the night.
Sedarim read out Haggadah the 14th of Nisan but every path of exodus was cut.
The temple is sponsoring a communitywide Seder, or Passover feast, Thursday following the traditional family Sedarim that take place Wednesday evening.
28) The Mishnah embodies the oral tradition of many centuries;(29) each of its six sections, or sedarim,(30) deals with a distinct aspect of Jewish life.
After doing the best I could with the Passover business, including the distribution of about 1,100 pounds of Matzos practically personally, the actual holding of Sedarim was impossible because of the big push which started March 19 in our sector and which our Corps spearheaded.
Even before Henrietta Szold settled in New York City, in the fall of l903, (9) the Schechters were already extending dinner invitations to her, which would be followed by luncheon gatherings, sedarim, and other events.