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The solicitor added: "He maintains he asked the security officer where to go because he was desperate.
Tension also eased in Thala, Sbeitla and Feriana where clashes erupted between protestors and security officers.
The Photojournalists' Union strongly condemns this shameful act and asks what right a security officer from a foreign embassy has to obstruct the work of a photojournalist?
Two men wearing balaclavas were waiting for the security officers.
As the role of the security officer shifts, so has the size of the industry.
Since May 15 security officers have been working without a contract, marking more than one year without a pay increase.
When Jarrar heard that the security officer invoked his experience with JetBlue, he was taken aback.
The employer must declare that it employs private security officers, that all fingerprints and requests for criminal history background checks are for private security officers, and that it will use the information for the sole purpose of screening private security officers.
One of these infiltrators, who is a security officer on the Enterprise, has the mission to kill Captain Kirk.
International Data Group (Boston, MA) has published the first issue of Chief Security Officer (CSO), a new monthly, security--focused magazine targeted to chief security officers and related security executives.
Once the preliminary search was completed and no illegal weapons were found, the telephone company security officer was called in to identify any company equipment that may have been in plain view.
A reliable camp night security officer is needed to monitor happenings in camp, as well as occurrences outside the perimeter of the grounds, while others sleep.
One security officer twenty-four hours per day, 7 days per week for the Front Lobby Reception area.
While these and other technological advances are making great strides to secure residences, the first and most effective line of defense will usually be the well-trained security officer.
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