Security Intelligence Review Committee

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an agency of the Canadian government that oversees the activities of the Criminal Intelligence Services of Canada and has the power to intrude on the privacy of suspected terrorists or spies

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The latter complaint was handled by the Independent Security Intelligence Review Committee (1SIRC), a five-member watchdog committee headed by broadcasting magnate John Bassett, which investigated complaints pertaining to the denial of security clearances.
And in some ways, the creation of both an Inspector General (the Minister's 'eyes and ears' in CSIS) and the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC--a post-audit oversight committee made up of five governmental and opposition recommended appointees which could instigate investigations on their own or based on complaints, including queries from the public) became Canadian contributions to the world of security intelligence and its governance.
Despite some early tensions, and initial operational concerns critiqued by the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), by the 'five-year' official review, Parliament concluded that CSIS was "In Flux, But Not In Crisis" and the Government (in response), simply that the agency was "On Course".
Early Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) reports suggested that this RCMP-CSIS liaison was often problematic, especially in the early years of CSIS; the 2002 discussions on FBI-CIA liaison in the United States in the period leading up to the events of 11 September 2001, suggest that this is not an uncommon organizational issue.
In Bill C-9, the Minister could issue directives, provided that a copy of these directives was provided to the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC).
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