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GE Infrastructure, Security joined the Open Security Exchange as a Board Member.
Deister Electronics joined the Open Security Exchange as a General Member.
By incorporating CustomWeather's 7-day, 3-hourly forecasts for wave height and direction, as well as wind speed and direction into ShipAssure, a web-based vessel tracking and risk system, Security Exchange is able to better assess piracy risk around the globe.
Gareth Sephton, Intelligence Analyst at Security Exchange, explains, "ShipAssure incorporates numerous variables in order to offer the best route for safe passage and a key element for safe passage is certainly the wind and wave condition.
Initially, the Open Security Exchange will focus on the integration of physical and cyber security technologies.
Founding members of the Open Security Exchange are leaders in cyber and physical security: Computer Associates International, Inc.
The OSE is firmly committed to supporting and contributing to the Liberty standards and Mobile Business guidelines," said Eric Maurice, executive director of the Open Security Exchange.
The submission of the PHYSBITS specifications to SIA is consistent with the OSE mission of promoting open standards across the physical and cyber security industry", says Eric Maurice, Chairman and Executive Director of the Open Security Exchange, "We hope that this combined effort will trigger further industry collaboration for the security of end-users worldwide.
The Founding Members of the Open Security Exchange are very happy to work with the IEEE-ISTO", said Eric Maurice, acting chairman of the Open Security Exchange, "IEEE-ISTO brings to the Exchange a proven record of excellence in supporting a vendor neutral approach to the promotion of interoperability and standards in the area of security management.
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