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The Euronext CEO Dominique Cerutti has stated that the new pact represents one of its strategic and vital moves in order to boost its ties with the securities markets in the Arab world.
Al Hashemi described the merger as an appropriate business decision as there is not a need for two securities markets working in the same activity in the country.
The reforms opening up banks and securities markets to greater competition targeted two industries politically weakened by scandals and a massive public bailout of failed housing loan corporations.
Over the past one and one-half years, the Board of Governors, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), the Treasury, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), among others, have devoted considerable attention to the government securities market.
The oft-made comparison of securities markets to casinos is not inappropriate in this context.
Exclusive Data on the Alternative and HEL Securities Markets
Recommendations of the task force on the rules of registration, listing and transparency and recommendations of the task force on IPOs and subscription of shares on securities markets and unified rule for listing of securities were also discussed.
For another, there is a wealth of historical data available on capital market theory and on the various securities markets and their relationships to each other over long periods of time.
In the securities markets, each clearinghouse for corporate and municipal securities has established a payment netting scheme with its associated depository, and several organizations are discussing ways to share (and thereby reduce the need for) collateral.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- In order to further integrate the Baltic securities market and to meet the demand of members, OMX (STO:0MX) has improved access to the Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius exchanges by introducing a joint Baltic membership, a single point of entry to the Baltic market.
I am pleased to appear today to discuss the internationalization of securities markets.
EST has already trained some of Macrochem's best technical salesmen to represent EST's interests in the Securities markets.
We are pleased to be participating in the further integration of the Nordic and Baltic securities markets which serves listed companies and investors alike.
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