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a soldier who received a Section Eight discharge as unfit for military service

a discharge from the US Army based on unfitness or character traits deemed undesirable

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Presently, landlords have to wait eight weeks and one day before they can serve a Section Eight notice, for rent arrears and any other serious tenancy breaches.
FC lawyer Farooq Iqbal Khan said that these personals were dismissed under section eight and ten, for this two members Federal Service Tribunal Bench directed order for the reinstatement of 387 employees on their jobs and restored FC personal will give joining today.
which once housed Soderbergh's shingle Section Eight, and Paramount, home to Pitt's Plan B.
Section seven emphasizes the need to develop guidelines for safety evaluation of enzymes produced by genetically modified microorganisms, and section eight has brought forth an important point that agents used for flavouring and as additives should confirm to specifications in both the food additives format and the flavouring agent format.
He was delivered by Caesarean section eight weeks premature on July 5, 2003, at the Aberdeen Maternity Hospital neonatal unit.
Handbook of Oriental Studies, section eight, Central Asia; v.
Scotland Yard said: said: "We can confirm a 35-year-old man accepted a caution at Camden police station under Section eight of the Human Tissue Act 2004.
Furthermore, section eight of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 states that jurors are not allowed to talk to anyone about their jury room deliberations.
Chesterfield subsequently served a notice on BHP under Section eight of the Act, requesting release from its landlord covenants.
Section Eight of the Local Government Bill giving local authorities "power to charge and trade" will pitch councils directly against local businesses, it says.
Mr Oley claimed the city council was contravening Section Eight of the Human Rights Act, which lays down the right to a fair hearing and respect for family and private life.
Section eight reviews Centers for Independent Living, Therapeutic Recreation, Financial Assistance, Housing and Urban Development, and Community Service Organizations.
In section eight (titled "Credo") of the long poem mentioned above, Kenyon states:
One Eight Distilling is named for Article One Section Eight of the Constitution, which, among other things, provided for the establishment of a district to serve as the nation's capital.
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