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a soldier who received a Section Eight discharge as unfit for military service

a discharge from the US Army based on unfitness or character traits deemed undesirable

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Presently, landlords have to wait eight weeks and one day before they can serve a Section Eight notice, for rent arrears and any other serious tenancy breaches.
Section eight contains an automatic release mechanism which applies in cases where a tenant fails to object, in writing, within a month of receiving a request for a release.
The FSB is calling for section eight of the Bill to be withdrawn on the basis that the government cannot know the full scale of the effects of this unfair competition until the study by John Prescott's department has been published," she said.
Mr Oley claimed the city council was contravening Section Eight of the Human Rights Act, which lays down the right to a fair hearing and respect for family and private life.
Section eight reviews Centers for Independent Living, Therapeutic Recreation, Financial Assistance, Housing and Urban Development, and Community Service Organizations.
In section eight (titled "Credo") of the long poem mentioned above, Kenyon states:
In the course of section eight bridges are new produce.
Greenwood, in contrast, had a costly maximum on the rocky turns of section eight and with it any chance of taking the win.
Andrew Dale needed a dab on the fifth on his last lap to drop him out of the reckoning while Chris Banks of Guisborough succumbed to pressure, losing marks on section eight and nine.
Parade manager Michael O'Hanlon, of Abergele Carnival Association, said the local authority and police told him that the association must pay pounds 1,500 for diversion signs under the Road Traffic Act section eight at next year's event in July, 2010.
Section Eight suggests a number of ways coalitions and other direct service providers can use the outcome information to improve programs transforms performance measurement into performance management.
The pair are wrapping up the Section Eight production company which they founded six years ago to nurture off-beat and "message" movies and TV projects.
It's all but official: George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh will shutter their Warners-based production shingle, Section Eight, sometime around the end of the year.
But mum and baby, who was delivered by Caesarean section eight weeks early, are doing well in hospital in Palo Alto, California.
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