Secretary of Transportation

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Synonyms for Secretary of Transportation

the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Transportation

the position of the head of the Department of Transportation

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Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole has recently announced plans to add 1,000 air controllers and 500 safety inspectors in light of the increasing volume of airline traffic and this year's accidents.
1956, which gives the Secretary of Transportation the ability to exempt US carriers from participating in the program and was strongly supported by ALPA.
In February, Deputy Secretary of Transportation Victor Mendez hosted a ceremony to kick off a year of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Department, which was established by an act of Congress on October 15, 1966.
Patrick has appointed state Secretary of Transportation Bernard Cohen to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority to fill a vacancy created by the departure of Thomas H.
On a balmy early summer evening in May the DC Chapter met in evening dress with the Secretary of Transportation, angelfish, and a few alligators thrown in for an evening of fun and comradeship.
Next Generation Air Transportation System, as the program to modernize the US air traffic control system is now known, will revolutionize the airways in the same way that construction of the US interstate highway system changed how people and goods move on the ground, outgoing Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta said Wednesday at a forum on NGATS in Washington.
The Under Secretary of Transportation for Security is expected to issue a response to the request within 90 days of the application.
John Magaw, the US Under Secretary of Transportation for Security, has resigned.
Congress, and the Secretary of Transportation asking that someone initiate a hearing to determine the technology and applications available in this regard; they would find some truly amazing electro-optics that could capture real time visuals inside and outside of the aircraft.
Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta honored the merchant mariners who lost their lives in service to the nation.
And Fred Salvucci, former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation and one of the project's central architects, derides it now as a "violation of environmental justice.
Or so say Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater, Amtrak Chairman Tommy Thompson (who moonlights as the welfare-slashing governor of Wisconsin), and some of the senators who oversee Amtrak's government-granted monopoly.
Pena, Secretary of Transportation, accepted his award on behalf of the Hispanic community of Denver.
Secretary of Transportation and Director General of United States Foreign Commercial Service Increases Firm's Expertise
Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, along with other various federal and state transportation officials.
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