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the chief law officer of a country or state

the person who holds the position of secretary of the Justice Department

the position of the head of the Justice Department and the chief law enforcement officer of the United States

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Speaking to reporters in the capital Khartoum on Sunday, PCP's secretary of justice and human rights, Hassan Abdella Al-Hussain, poured scorn on the IM General Conference of 2012, saying it's nothing but an attempt by the NCP to beautify itself.
The internship program, founded in 2007 by the church, "gives young Presbyterians an opportunity to participate in an ecumenical agency we support and to learn about global issues," said Stephen Allen, associate secretary of justice Ministries.
The task forces will likely be headed respectively by Takahiro Kuroiwa, parliamentary secretary of justice, Shozo Azuma, a senior vice minister at the Cabinet Office, and Izumi Yoshida, a parliamentary secretary of finance, the lawmakers said.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad on Wednesday reviewed with the Norwegian State Secretary of Justice, Pal Lonseth, Syria's efforts to provide the displaced Iraqis with health and educational services, in addition to Norway's contribution in this regard.
During the party he was presented with the framed Royal Pardon, authorised by Queen Elizabeth and signed by secretary of justice Jack Straw.
Romeu Tuma, the National Secretary of Justice, said on Thursday that Ramirez Abadia's pending extradition showed that "Brazil was doing its part in combating international organized crime".
National Secretary of Justice Romeu Tuma said that the extradition showed that "Brazil was doing its part in combating international organized crime".
Zapatero, who was sworn in as prime minister by King Juan Carlos on Saturday, named Jose Antonio Alonso, a judge who has close ties with him, as interior minister and Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, former state secretary of justice, as first deputy prime minister.
The 23 chapters report on the visits of the delegation to a range of agencies, officials and legal entities, including the China Ministry of Finance, The Secretary of Justice, The People University's Law School, the Law Society of Hong Kong and the Chief Justice.
Margaret Urwin, secretary of Justice for the Forgotten, said: "It is now 11 months since the first formal request was made by Justice Barron.
As early as 3 September 1917 the Transvaal's police commissioner was forwarding confidential memos to the Secretary of Justice about the possession and circulation of arms among Kgatla Tswana at Saulspoort.
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