Secretary of Energy

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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Energy

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the position of the head of the Department of Energy

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Mikheil Janelidze noted at the meeting with the Deputy Secretary of Energy last year was important and effective in the relations of the two countries and welcomed the bilateral commitment to further develop and deepen strategic cooperation.
Recommendation: So that DOE can better manage its major cleanup projects and more fully inform Congress on the status of these projects, the Secretary of Energy should direct the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management to expand the content of EM performance reports to describe the implications of current performance for the project's overall life cycle baseline, including the near-term baseline cost and out-year cost estimate, using, when appropriate, valid earned value data that conform to industry standards and GAO-identified best practices.
The Overskei report--also known as the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (or SEAB) report--was produced by a task force of distinguished nuclear, scientific, engineering, and management experts, reporting directly to the secretary of energy.
The Act specifies that the Secretary of Energy should ensure that "communication of scientific results and methods between the fusion energy sciences community and the broader scientific communities is improved.
The Secretary of Energy will search for a balance between pollution controls, the nation's energy needs and industry productivity.
In addition to his tenure as Secretary of Energy and as U.
Secretary of Energy Rick Perry also announced that Klotz would be the fourth recipient of the James R.
Turki bin Saud bin Mohammed, Vice President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) for Research Institutes, received here today US Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman.
512, a bill amending the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to require the Secretary of Energy to carry out programs to develop and demonstrate two small modular nuclear reactor designs.
Bush, the attorney general, and the secretary of energy have already given the wink and nod that there's nothing the government can/will do
Prior to joining the Commission, he was a senior policy adviser to the Secretary of Energy.
The only `A' went to Education Secretary Richard Riley, and the only `F' went to Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson, who was cited for "cavorting around the country laying groundwork for his vice-presidential hopes," while he "mishandled a crisis at Los Alamos laboratories and failed to foresee either sudden gas-price increases or the power crisis in California.
Environment and national security issues are likely to be the two keys to political and public acceptance of fusion energy systems in the future, a Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) task force concluded recently.
And no future secretary of energy will undertake trade missions to foreign governments because of the flak she caught for her trip expenses, she said.
Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary, who deserves credit for breaking through her Department's entrenched tradition of secrecy, ineptitude, and coverup, has promised a full investigation of nuclear experimentation with human subjects--but it will take a search of millions of documents, and even then it seems likely that the full truth will never be known.
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