Secretary of Energy

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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Energy

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the position of the head of the Department of Energy

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Who: Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson What: Signing of a labor agreement between DOE and IUOE When: Tuesday, January 25, 9:15 a.
Curtis, Director of the Energy Group at the Hogan & Hartson law firm and former Deputy Secretary of Energy, will serve as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the UN Foundation.
John's distinguished background, capped by his years as Secretary of Energy in the late 1980s, gives him a unique window into our business and gives Clean Energy clear benefit from his insight," said Andrew J.
S Secretary of Energy and the Honorable NKP Salve, Indian Minister for Power.
Spencer Abraham, is the Former US Secretary of Energy and he will bring his insight of nearly two years of domestic and international policy and politics to the podium.
WASHINGTON, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Secretary of Energy Hazel R.
Curtis, former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), has formally assumed his post as under secretary of energy, the U.
The US Secretary of Energy, Sam Bodman, has called on Americans to conserve energy across the country in every way possible, stating little could be done in the next six months about high price of energy and natural gas," said John McLaughlin, Vice President of Sales.
Deputy Secretary of Energy Bill White said, "The successful implementation of this cost-shared $6.
Last year, the National Petroleum Council, an advisory group to the Department of Energy, submitted recommendations to the Secretary of Energy concerning the state of the domestic refining industry.
Its purpose is solely to advise, inform, and make recommendations to the Secretary of Energy with respect to any matter relating to oil and natural gas or to the oil and gas industries submitted to it or approved by the Secretary.
NASDAQ: VSTR) today announced the appointment of former President Bush's Secretary of Energy, James D.
Reicher, New Energy Capital President and former United States Assistant Secretary of Energy, said: "Ethanol is an attractive fuel for the US market with the rapidly rising cost of gasoline, concern about the nation's increasing reliance on imported oil, and the challenge of global climate change.
This award is presented annually by the office of the secretary of energy, James D.
Secretary of Energy, Samuel Wright Bodman, in the new World Energy magazine.
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