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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of State

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a government minister for foreign relations

the position of the head of the State Department

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The new government is now composed of 28 ministers and 15 secretaries of State.
The government will be made up of 15 ministers and seven secretaries of state, from five parties - three French-speaking (socialist, liberal, and centrist) and two Dutch-speaking (Christian Democrat and Liberal).
As chief diplomat for presidential administrations, secretaries of state are central, high-profile members of the cabinet.
For a list of all 50 states, go to the National Association of secretaries of state (NASS) Website at www.
The Secretaries of State and Defense shall jointly provide by 1 March 2001 a report to Congress on military training provided to foreign military personnel through programs administered by the Departments of State and Defense during FY2000 and FY200l, excluding training provided through sales (FMS) or training provided to military personnel of countries belonging to NATO.
Reciting the list of largely enfeebled Secretaries of State since 1961 -- Dean Rusk, William Rogers, Warren Christopher -- Zegart concludes, "It is the president and his national security advisor, not the secretary of state, who serve as the principal architects of U.
Forty-eight electronic corporate services offered by Secretaries of State across the nation were recently benchmarked against Maine's Interactive Corporate Services.