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a society that conceals its activities from nonmembers

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We used several conventional tools that are used in making a documentary film, including numerous documents of members who were part of the secret organisation, confessions duly signed by the accused themselves and video clips recorded by members of the secret organization.
The state security court, an affiliate of the Federal Supreme Court, adjourned the case, in which 85 Emiratis have been accused of belonging to a secret organization, to March 18 and 19.
Details were revealed on Tuesday of a secret organization which aimed to take power in Saudi Arabia with the help of al-Qaeda, a terrorist network, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported on Wednesday.
Freed from bureaucratic shackles, the men and women of this secret organization developed armaments ranging from the limpet mine (responsible for sinking numerous enemy ships while anchored at harbor) to a giant, bridge-carrying assault tank.
29 -- In another life, Sir John Sawers may well have been the stuff of popular fiction-the mysterious spy who worked for a secret organization.
However, it is another matter for there to be a secret organization (a state within a state) supported and protected by the army command.
His exceptional talents are noticed by Devlin Lear, a multimillionaire who is the head of MeX, a top secret organization that uses the skills of gifted children to complete its military style missions.
From a computer war game so realistic and addictive that people are too busy playing it to begin a real war to a secret organization that uses a form of telepathy to cause commanders to be unable to think of command words, Christopher Anvil's War Games (1416556028, $22.
CHERUB is a secret organization which uses children as spies so they don't cause suspision.
Some know it as the diabolical secret organization of monkassassins depicted in the The Da Vinci Code.
Responsibility has been claimed by a group calling itself the Secret Organization Group of al Qaida of Jihad Organization in Europe.
These characters make up a secret organization, whose name-"cinquefoil" is derived from the old French term that signifies a flower structure comprising five (cinq) leaves (foil).
Bush and Senator John Kerry were asked (in separate nationally televised interview programs) about their membership in the same secret organization, neither was willing to talk about it.
Ford has established a top secret organization designated the "Blue Team" that was meant to develop strategies to (1) compete with low-cost Korean cars, and (2) sell to the youth market.
a secret organization combating the mysterious, shadow-enshrouded villain known only as The Man, who seeks to destroy African-Americans by diluting their culture.