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a vote in which each person's choice is secret but the totaled votes are public

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This shows that ending the secrecy of the ballot actually reduces this electoral system to the party list system in which the party position in one house is mirrored in the other.
BAGHDAD / NINA/ Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov attended on Thursday a practical explanation of the voting process at polling stations aimed to shed light on how to ensure the secrecy of the ballot.
Under election law, a ballot can be regarded as spoiled if there are "marks on the ballot other than those necessary to complete it, where the voter's identity can be ascertained, compromising the secrecy of the ballot.
Legislative proposals have been made to increase women voter participation, ensure the secrecy of the ballot paper and enhance nomination scrutiny measures.
Meanwhile, in a separate development, The Election Commission on Friday rejected Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav's vote in the Presidential poll and directed the Returning Officer (RO) not to count it as the secrecy of the ballot had been violated.
The abolition of the property qualification for MPs came about in 1858, and the secrecy of the ballot was prescribed by law in 1872.
Among the union's claims are that the management compromised the secrecy of the ballot by urging flight attendants to vote on company-controlled work computers that could track whether they clicked on the NMB's Internet voting site.
Only hours after the election, the OAS released a blunt report in which, among other things, it denounced "the lack of guarantees for the secrecy of the ballot box," and "vote buying" in at least six of the 32 departments in the country, which it called a "mockery" of basic electoral norms of any democracy.
SIR - Regarding the secrecy of the ballot, may I, through you, mention to Kay Jenkins, head of the Electoral Commission, Wales office (Letters, June 25), that "virtually impossible" is not synonymous with "completely impossible"?
Although direct statistics obviously cannot be garnered as to how Catholics voted, given the secrecy of the ballot box and a lack of American electioneering sophistication, a study of areas of the country containing high concentrations of Catholics, coupled with an examination of the winning candidate, reveals an overall picture of the state of the Catholic vote, such as it is, in present-day Canada.
The March 27 second round of municipal elections in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was well-conducted generally across most of the country, but again failed to meet some key international standards for elections, neither guaranteeing universal and equal suffrage nor ensuring the secrecy of the ballot.
Optical-scan and other paper-based systems require issuing new ballots if a voter wishes to make a change, and often the review process is not carried out privately, undermining the secrecy of the ballot.
When Cllr Fletcher appeared before the committee she said: "We had all-postal ballots in Stockton in 2003, and I have very deep concerns about the integrity and the secrecy of the ballot, about many other people filling in ballot papers for other members of the family and for other people.
North East Conservative chairman, Karl Poulsen, said: "We have a number of concerns about mandatory postal ballots relating to fraud and irregularities, as well as questions over how to maintain the secrecy of the ballot.
Throughout the world token democracy has been given a chance by the secrecy of the ballot.