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The culmination of the novel suggests that we should connect a memory of this early narration (19) to the Lin Pao who we are told had died (incongruously) both decapitated and hanged (95) and who had been the founder of the School of Human Sorrow of Sechuan, a man with bird claws, a body covered with feathers, "los testiculos colgandole como si de un camello viejo se tratara, la ereccion presente cada vez que introducia las unas destruidas en el cuerpo de sus amantes" (95), feet embalmed like those of all fathers.
The vast national park in the Sechuan mountains was set up in 1963 to protect them and other endangered species.
Las obras que ha publicado incluyen Las mujeres de sal (1986), Efecto Invernadero (1992), Canon perpetuo (1993), Salon de belleza (1994), Damas chinas (1995), Poeta ciego (1998), El jardin de la senora Murakami: Oto no-Murakami monogatari (2000), Shiki Nagaoka: una nariz de ficcion (2001), La escuela del dolor humano de Sechuan (2001) y Jacobo el mutante (2002).
Hong Kong television reports that a US consulate building in Sechuan Province has been burnt down.
Greer plans to study Chinese philosophy at Sechuan University in Chengdu, China, and Lew will study art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.
Historical or ethnic Tibet, however, refers to Tibetan-inhabited areas now politically broken into the Chinese provinces of TAR, Qinghai and parts of Sechuan, Yunnan and Gansu.
I struggled through sechuan and kung po - and just about dropped when the waitress read back my order.
It has also begun a significant project in Sechuan and expects additional awards from Sechuan Province and other locations in China during FY 2003.
Asi se aprecia, por ejemplo, en Efecto invernadero (1992), Salon de belleza (1994), Flores (2000) y La escuela del dolor humano de Sechuan (2001).
They come from the Sechuan countryside to work on the docks and building sites, from Beijing and Hong Kong to join a new upwardly mobile middle class in the finance houses and hi-tech industries.
Yuan's coach, Yu Fing Ming, is among the many thousands of her compatriots who have registered with the government to offer their services to alleviate some of the suffering caused by last month's devastating earthquake in the south central province of Sechuan.
Relatos como Flores (2000), Shiki Nagaoka: una nariz de ficcion (2001), La escuela del dolor humano de Sechuan (2001) o Jacobo el mutante (2002) estan planteados en contra de nuestra disposicion chismosa.
Por el contrario, se ha visto un renacimiento de la religion incluso en el sur de China, en provincias como Yunan y Sechuan, pero el ejercito chino se encarga de apagarlos.
El director de obras como Nadie sabe nada, La ultima morada o El martirio de Morelos y que acaba de concluir temporada con La horiesta persona de Sechuan, de Bertolt Brecht, decidio que se necesitaba una experiencia mas radical y abandono la Ciudad de Mexico.
The Hollywood major has also committed to sifting through Sechuan TV's rich docu library for series that can be retrofitted for licensing abroad.