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In Gill's 1864 paper "Critical remarks on the genera Sebastes and Sebastodes of Ayres" he stated: "The value of the characters used to distinguish the genera Sebastes, Sebastichthys and Sebastodes are now indeed so generally conceded by scientific men, that it is unnecessary to further argue in their favor.
In 1880, Jordan and Gilbert (1880) described 7 new species from California, and after trying to place them in the four genera then recognized by Gill, they left paucispinis in Sebastodes and stated that: "the groups Sebastosomus and Sebastomus cannot be maintained as genera distinct from Sebastichthys, and that, in order to recognize them as subgenera even, a different distribution of species must be adopted.
1930) placed 66 species of rockfishes they recognized in 16 genera (that is, they elevated the subgeneric names to generic status), most American researchers used only two genera: Sebastes for Atlantic species and Sebastodes for Pacific species, disregarding the subgenera.
1960) recommended Sebastes for Atlantic species and Sebastodes for Pacific species; however, later editions (Bailey et al.
For example, two similar appearing members of Sebastodes (S.
In the second cycle he felt that the genus Sebastes split into three subgenera: the shallow water Sebastiscus with 3 species, the intermediate depth Sebastodes with 88 species, and the deep-water Sebastes with 14 species.
Sebastodes melanops (Girard, 1856): Ayres, 1862:216 (in part, (not in fig.
Sebastodes mystinus (Jordan and Gilbert, 1881): Jordan and Gilbert (1882):659 (new combination).
Fecundity, multiple spawning, and description of the gonads in Sebastodes.
Sebastodes swifti Evermann and Goldsborough, 1907:285, fig.
The four syntypes of Sebastodes aleutianus were deposited at the USNM and CAS.
Evermann and Goldsborough (1907) described Sebastodes swifti from two juveniles collected in a bay of southeastern Alaska.
Sebastodes melanostictus Matsubara, 1934:206 (original description, one specimen: holotype FAKU 101043, male, 507 mm, "Prov.
Sebastodes kawaradae Matsubara, 1934:207 (original description, one specimen: FAKU 101042, male, 361.