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a card for sending messages by post without an envelope

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Meanwhile, a set of 25 original risque watercolours which were later printed as saucy seaside postcards were found in a plastic bag in a Wiltshire rubbish skip and sold at auction in Warwickshire for PS2,250 in 2009.
The saucy seaside postcard company has recreated the tongue-incheek image after it was discovered when they were cataloguing their 45,000 cards at their HQ.
And gazing once more on all those pneumatic blondes and morbidly obese wives, I've realised that the British public never actually looked like that in the heyday of the seaside postcard.
The 25 originals by Phil Millar, nicknamed Pedro, were the designs for racy seaside postcards which were popular in the 1960s and 1970s and typified English suggestive humou r.
Scantly-clad women and idiotic men peopled his saucy sketches, which reminded many of lurid seaside postcards.
They're firmly based on deeply unpretentious British music hall comedy and the saucy vulgarity of Donald McGill seaside postcards.
Had Elger Esser deliberately set out to produce two apparently opposite bodies of work, he might well have settled on the landscape photographs for which he is best known and the enlarged shots of vintage seaside postcards in his recent show.
Saucy seaside postcards are more likely to be chosen by middle-aged extroverts who enjoy the 'Carry On' humour.
In The Daily Telegraph Stephen Bayley firmly placed Page Three in a British tradition which incorporated racy seaside postcards, Carry On films and traced it back to Chaucer's The Wife of Bath.
THINK the people who are offended by Irn-Bru's latest ad would probably be the same kind of people who complained about those saucy seaside postcards loved by our grandparents.
Lord Ridley's friend, Prof Oliver James, captured his sense of humour in his address, reminding the mourners of his penchant for seaside postcards and whoopy cushions.
A SAUCY set of seaside postcards that were banned from resorts around the UK more than 50 years ago have gone on display together for the first time.
GIANT seaside postcards are being sent to a town centre to start a campaign to help businesses.
Because the choice is so vast, many postcard collectors like to specialise in subjects such as transport, saucy seaside postcards, or commemoratives.
THE ruddy-faced boozer stumbling his pie-eyed way home after a night on the tiles is the stuff of seaside postcards.