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Synonyms for seascape

a view of the sea

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a painting of the sea (as distinguished from a landscape)


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He explained: "I'm influenced by their technique as well as their subject matter and my subject inspiration comes from the landscapes and seascapes that surround me.
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Seascapes" is a magnificently published, flawlessly produced compendium of his photography work with seascapes that is very highly recommended for personal, professional, and academic library Photography Studies reference collections.
The exhibition in Saltburn will consist of seascapes specifically created for the Saltburn Station Gallery reflecting the gallery's location by the sea.
UKPRwire, Thu Apr 21 2011] National Trust has joined campaign groups in an effort to encourage the Government to recognise Britain's coasts and seascapes as more than just a view.
Seascapes, made up of coastal and inshore sea areas, play a significant role in people's well-being, according to a National Trust poll.
Seascapes, made up of coastal and inshore sea areas, play a significant role in people's well-being, according to a National Trust poll which found two-thirds of those quizzed thought visiting the coast or seaside was important to their quality of life.
Baqar's dreamlike land and seascapes have been painted in oils and water colours, echoing a spiritual and sensitive mood.
Geoff Macdonald has only 10% peripheral vision, yet still manages to turn out spectacular seascapes and other paintings.
Turner" will represent the artist's extensive iconographic range, from seascapes and topographical views to historical subjects and scenes from his imagination.
For all their tranquility, the surfaces of these seascapes seem to hum and vibrate.
FORMER Jockey Club meetings secretary Siobhan Cunningham has double the usual interest in the exhibition Seascapes at the Petley Fine Art Gallery in London's Cork Street from September 5-18.
4 million on the arts centre in Margate, Kent, which inspired some of the landscape painter's most famous seascapes.
But, the inside-out seascapes really look great when the backgrounds are filled in with complementary colors.
The event, called Northumberland Seascapes, will run from Saturday, June 2, until Friday, June 29, at the college, which is a constituent part of Durham University.
Based on his interest in Lowry's dense seascapes rather than the industrial landscapes for which he is most famous, choreographer Darshan Singh Bhuller has beautifully interpreted Lowry's sometimes menacing visions of the sea.