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Synonyms for naupathia

motion sickness experienced while traveling on water

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He had come gaunt and hollow-eyed from a long siege of sea-sickness.
Nor did his disgust and vexation cease when all hands had recovered from sea-sickness, and become accustomed to the ship, for now broke out an alarming keenness of appetite that threatened havoc to the provisions.
They came back by way of Karachi by sea, when Kim took his first experience of sea-sickness sitting on the fore-hatch of a coasting- steamer, well persuaded he had been poisoned.
Even the calmest sea has some form of swell and waves capable, ironically, of causing sea-sickness, while unseen currents can push the strongest swimmer away from an onshore target.
The gin is blended with bitters in a style created by the Royal Navy - to cure sea-sickness.
The conflict - you guessed it - often initiates sea-sickness.
Virtually all his courses are in the UK because he hated travelling and suffered badly from sea-sickness.
She said she has overcome some initial sea-sickness and is now looking forward to Christmas.
Over the start of their first week at sea, conditions for Britannia III remained positive and, despite several bouts of sea-sickness, the crew continued to make good headway.
There were four people on board, one of whom was was suffering sea-sickness.
from the Cypriot yacht "Giorgio Athens" off Tabarja territorial waters with passengers on board suffering from acute sea-sickness.
For a better development of the preparation I created a global educational project for navigators, that may have sea-sickness, programme that is functional for each subject and operational structure.
All four women contended with sea-sickness, strong tidal drifts, cramp and the growing threat of steam ships, perils that Ederle eventually overcame just a week after Barrett was forced to turn back.
Three weeks later, dance instructor Jose Cruz has helped them discover how to avoid sea-sickness during lightning quick twirls and dips.