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During the summer, female sea turtles return to the same beaches where they were born to lay their eggs.
She used chemistry to test a 20-year-old idea that green sea turtles grow up in the open ocean.
Previously, the Bahamian government permitted harvesting of all species of sea turtles except the hawksbill.
At a discussion group at the US Embassy in Muscat, which also marked Earth Day on April 22, a selection of authorities on sea turtles discussed the value of the creatures, the problems they face and potential solutions.
Sea turtles have inhabited tropical and subtropical seas throughout the world for over 100 million years.
Young sea turtles of the pelagic Sargassum-dominated drift community: habitat use, population density, and threats.
On land too, sea turtles do their bit by laying eggs in the hollows of dunes, providing nourishment for dune vegetation, which plays a critical role in preventing erosion.
A NEW campaign to save sea turtles from being farmed for food in the world's last commercial farm has been backed by North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon.
Sea turtles of the eastern Pacific; advances in research and conservation.
Leatherback sea turtles are among the world's largest reptiles, and adults commonly weigh in excess of 1000 pounds," the (http://news.
Sea turtles become cold-stunned because they are ectothermic, meaning their body temperature is controlled by their surrounding environment.
Four sea turtles have been returned to the Mediterranean after a long stay in a rehabilitation centre in Israel.
The Big Jumeirah Sea Turtle Race will also take place at the event where six satellite tagged sea turtles are released back into the Arabian Gulf.
Protecting sea turtles is important year 'round - especially in Southwest Florida where turtles nest on local beaches from May 1-Oct.