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chief Conservation and Development Division (CDD), DENR-8, told the Manila Bulletin that out of these 136 rescued and released sea turtles, there were 36 that were adults while the 100 were the hatchlings.
Two female adult sea turtles laid eggs at All Hands beach in October.
This is the 36th year of Mote's sea turtle monitoring program; its efforts began when sea turtles were placed on the Endangered Species Act in the late 1970s, says staff biologist Melissa Bernhard.
html) situation in 2013 , 114 sea turtles washed up from late September through October on beaches in El Salvador, the environmental ministry said.
The manuscript focuses on the satellite tagging of eight rehabilitated green sea turtles from the United Arab Emirates and includes details of the longest tracked journey ever recorded for the species.
Those who visit the area and others where sea turtles nest are urged to follow existing paths in order to avoid the destruction of vegetation.
The sea turtles of Latin America tell contrasting stories, but also astounding ones.
Each year, 44 thousand sea turtles are stranded in the Mediterranean, 700 of them on Tunisian coasts, not counting the turtles caught in the nets of fishermen and sold illegally, according to a joint press release on the occasion of World Turtle Day By the Coastal Protection and Management Agency, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-North Africa) and the National Institute of Marine Science and Technology.
The Environment Society of Oman (ESO) recently concluded the Masirah Turtle Awareness Campaign dedicated to highlighting the importance of sea turtles and the threats that they face, a press release said.
Oblivious to political boundaries, green and loggerhead sea turtles lay eggs and swim hundreds and hundreds of miles on multi-national migratory tracks.
Thousands of sea turtles go to a beach to lay their eggs.
Summary: Sidon's Greek Melkite Catholic Diocese launched Sunday an awareness campaign in an effort to protect the sea turtles that live off Lebanon's south coast.
In the case of sea turtles, conservationists commonly relocate complete clutches of sea turtle eggs from high-risk nesting beaches where eggs are vulnerable to human poaching, depredation by animals, and loss by tidal inundation (e.
This time, the vulnerable sea turtles set a nesting record -- with three weeks of nesting season still left to go, UPI reported.