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coelenterates in which the polyp stage is absent or at least inconspicuous: jellyfishes

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Our observation that gelatinous zooplankton was the largest constituent in the contents of prowfish stomachs (Table 1) is supported by Tokranov (1999), who found that the two most common prey taxa among the contents of 102 stomachs of adult specimens from the northwestern Pacific were Scyphozoa (59.
In Brazil there are about 22 species of Scyphozoa, 4 Cubozoa (Morandini et al.
Comparison of the scyphomedusan and cubomedusan nervous systems is important since the cubomedusae were originally included within the class Scyphozoa, and only recently were elevated to class status (class Cubozoa; Werner et al.
Hydrozoa e Scyphozoa existentes no Instituto Oceanografico.
Table 1 Comparison of hell morphology and kinematics and swimming performance of different medusan taxa that use different propulsive strategies as juveniles than their rowing adult forms Class Hydrozoa Hydrozoa Scyphozoa Order Leptomedusae Limnomedusae Semaeostomeae Genus Aequorea (1) Liriope (2) Cyanea (3) Juvenile Propulsive mode Jetting Rowing Paddling Size (cm) 0.
The extant true jellyfishes represent one of the earliest diverging lineages of pelagic metazoans, class Scyphozoa (Rigby and Milsom, 2000).
Induction of metamorphosis from the larval to the polyp stage is similar in Hydrozoa and a subgroup of Scyphozoa (Cnidaria: Semaeostomeae) Helgol.