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(Greek mythology) a sea nymph transformed into a sea monster who lived on one side of a narrow strait

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For Scylla is not mortal; moreover she is savage, extreme, rude, cruel and invincible.
So they did as I told them; but I said nothing about the awful monster Scylla, for I knew the men would not go on rowing if I did, but would huddle together in the hold.
While we were taken up with this, and were expecting each moment to be our last, Scylla pounced down suddenly upon us and snatched up my six best men.
When we had passed the [Wandering] rocks, with Scylla and terrible Charybdis, we reached the noble island of the sun-god, where were the goodly cattle and sheep belonging to the sun Hyperion.
As soon as they had had enough to eat and drink, they began talking about their poor comrades whom Scylla had snatched up and eaten; this set them weeping and they went on crying till they fell off into a sound sleep.
This indeed was what actually happened, for I was borne along by the waves all night, and by sunrise had reached the rock of Scylla, and the whirlpool.
As for Scylla, the father of gods and men would not let her get further sight of me--otherwise I should have certainly been lost.
If such defiance is too much to ask of your nature, and I suspect it is given your willingness even to consider appeasing Scylla the Sister-in-Law, then, please, at least rest assured theres no reason or occasion, zero, for you not to rock your finest, flattest, utterly beautiful self.
In sections on the semioticization of philosophy, historical connections, and Peirce challenged, they discuss such topics as the interconnection between his pragmatism and semiotics, the presence of Peirce's category of firstness in Schilling and Schopenhauer, the Charybdis of semiotics and Scylla of rhetoric: Peirce and Gorgias of Leontini on the rhetoric of being, hopes of Derrida's reading: the emergence of Peirce's texts in the poststructuralist context, and Peirce and the theory of disembodiment.
2014) conducted a study to identify and characterize the properties of microbiota in mud crab, Scylla paramamosain against pathogenic Vibrio para-haemolyticus.
The epizoic relationship between octolasmids and the commercially important crabs, such as Callinectes sapidus, Scylla serrata and Portunus pelagicus, has received much attention by several authors from Australia, USA, UK and Thailand (Walker, 1974, 2001; Jefferies et al.
Since writing about the MACRA bureaucracy, and the Morton's Choice facing private practitioners between Scylla (the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) and Charybdis (the still largely undefined Alternative Payment Models), a question I've been hearing with increasing frequency is whether it wouldn't be better to simply opt out of Medicare participation entirely.
A rabid wind greedy as Scylla eats six notes from the scale leaving