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The Escalloniaceae, a present-day taxon of this complex, is of interest, in particular the genus Tetracarpaea, which has an apocarpous gynoecium and tetramerous flowers, this first character being associated with the Apocynaceae and the latter with the Scrophulariales via the Buddlejaceae.
The Buddlejaceae and Retziaceae also form bridging taxa between the Scrophulariales and Gentianales, in particular with the family Loganiaceae (and possibly also the Solanales).
Note the isolated position of the Menyanthaceae, confirming its exclusion from the Gentianales and possibly the Solanales and Scrophulariales as well.
Tribe Buddlejeae (= Family Buddlejaceae): The overall consensus is that this tribe should be given family status, the Buddlejaceae, and that its true affinities are with the Scrophulariales and not the Gentianales (Airy Shaw, 1985; Cronquist, 1988; Dahlgren, 1983; Takhtajan, 1983; Wagenitz, 1977).
Takhtajan (1980, 1983) placed this family in the Scrophulariales near the Scrophulariaceae and Buddlejaceae.