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Synonyms for Scripture

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Synonyms for Scripture

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My condition began now to be, though not less miserable as to my way of living, yet much easier to my mind: and my thoughts being directed, by a constant reading the Scripture and praying to God, to things of a higher nature, I had a great deal of comfort within, which till now I knew nothing of; also, my health and strength returned, I bestirred myself to furnish myself with everything that I wanted, and make my way of living as regular as I could.
Martin Luther translated twenty of these fables, and was urged by Melancthon to complete the whole; while Gottfried Arnold, the celebrated Lutheran theologian, and librarian to Frederick I, king of Prussia, mentions that the great Reformer valued the Fables of Aesop next after the Holy Scriptures.
During the interval of three centuries which has elapsed since the publication of this volume of Nevelet's, no book, with the exception of the Holy Scriptures, has had a wider circulation than Aesop's Fables.
His essay consciously derives from his broad and deep knowledge of Scripture studies as well as from participation in two prayer communities in Cambridge: "those engaged in the theological interpretation of Scripture are called to participate in the Trinitarian life of God" (176) through devotional reading of Scripture or Ignatius Loyola's Spiritual Exercises.
Leading Scripture memory app provides platform for Bible memory groups
1) When the scholarship is analyzed, we find that those who adhere strongly to a historical-critical approach to Scripture continue to assume an objective stance to the raw data of the text that yields various scientific results.
Scripture Typer, a memory app operated by Millennial Apps LLC, announced on Monday that it has updated the app to make Bible memory easier with several new features.
Sacred Word, Broken Word: Biblical Authority and the Dark Side of Scripture.
The Jews called their holy scripture "Tanakh," derived from Ta (Torah), Na (Neviim), and Kh (Khetuvim).
Abstract: Central to John Calvin's doctrine of Scripture, a doctrine basic to his theology and highly influential in his own time and subsequently, is a theory of reading.
Hebrew scripture in patristic bibilical theory; canon, language, text.
Rajan Zed recited from Rig-Veda, the oldest scripture of the world still in common use, besides lines from Upanishads and Bhagavad-Gita (Song of the Lord), both ancient Hindu scriptures.
In time for Lent, Ave Maria Press released a stations of the cross app that allows users to walk with the stations, meditating on art and scripture along the way.
Historically, ministry or pastoral care has been "based chiefly on reflection and deduction from principles derived from Scripture and pastoral experience, whereas modern psychologies, while also indebted to reflection and theorizing, are grounded more in behavioral science investigation characterized by inductive, empirical study" (Yarhouse, Butman, & McRay, 2005, p.
Chatham presents Creation to Revelation: A Brief Account oh the Biblical Story, a condensed guide to biblical scripture from Genesis to Revelation.