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a native or resident of Liverpool

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Scousers love where we live and can't wait to show it off to others.
Speaking to hopeful Amy Gunn, 19, from Dunblane, Rita said: "So you're a Scouser.
I managed to keep control of one Scouser (Wayne Rooney) playing for Wales against England at Wembley and I believe Nathan can do the same with another Scouser next weekend.
She said: "I could see that Scouser was punching Scott in the stomach.
Hold on, says the Scouser, I'm just as good as him.
Hills - Scouser (as specified above) specials: 9-2 any Scouser to score first, 10 S Gerrard to score the winner.
Dave Scouser, whose first record was Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, was a very angry young man.
Let's take a leaf out of the Scouser Book of History (as they see it) - and we don't even have to change the facts.
The pounds 6million Madrid-born keeper is desperate to stay at Anfield - and is ready to raise a family of Scousers in the process.
The video, "Manc on site calling a scouser a robber", was posted to YouTube by Tony Benso at https://www.
Similarly, as a fully-fledged Scouser, can anyone tell me which Merseyside football team I should support - the Reds, the Toffees or Rovers?
However, I confidently predict that there is absolutely no hope now for that hole in the ozone layer#A SCOUSER walks into his local job centre and says: "Hello, I'm looking for a job.
SCOUSER Scott has soared up the Big Brother indices, nudging one-time favourite Ray into third spot, writes Phil Agius.
THE Cycling Scouser has launched a campaign to raise PS100,000 to send a colleague's son to America for life-saving cancer treatment.
ALAN Davies fanned the fury over his Hillsborough rant by joking yesterday he needs a comedy Scouser disguise to hide from those he offended.