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a native or resident of Liverpool

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One thing all the Scousers abroad have got in common, they can't believe how Liverpool has changed and they are so proud to have their roots here.
Speaking to hopeful Amy Gunn, 19, from Dunblane, Rita said: "So you're a Scouser.
I managed to keep control of one Scouser (Wayne Rooney) playing for Wales against England at Wembley and I believe Nathan can do the same with another Scouser next weekend.
She said: "I could see that Scouser was punching Scott in the stomach.
Hold on, says the Scouser, I'm just as good as him.
Hills - Scouser (as specified above) specials: 9-2 any Scouser to score first, 10 S Gerrard to score the winner.
Dave Scouser, whose first record was Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, was a very angry young man.
Let's take a leaf out of the Scouser Book of History (as they see it) - and we don't even have to change the facts.
THE MERSEYMEN - Neil Moore (left) and Brian McGorry (right) celebrate fellow Scouser Stuart Whittaker's Clubman of the Year award.
The Liverpool lass backed fellow Scousers Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney to give the French a drubbing tonight in Euro 2004.
CHRIS Tarrant has apologised for branding Scousers "thieves" at the BAFTA awards.
Similarly, as a fully-fledged Scouser, can anyone tell me which Merseyside football team I should support - the Reds, the Toffees or Rovers?
However, I confidently predict that there is absolutely no hope now for that hole in the ozone layer#A SCOUSER walks into his local job centre and says: "Hello, I'm looking for a job.
ENGLAND footballer Wayne Rooney is the nation's favourite Scouser, it was disclosed today.
ALAN Davies fanned the fury over his Hillsborough rant by joking yesterday he needs a comedy Scouser disguise to hide from those he offended.