Robert Falcon Scott

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English explorer who reached the South Pole just a month after Amundsen

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Reginald Pound's well-researched Scott of the Antarctic, published in 1966, focused on the details of Scott's two expeditions rather than on his character.
THE hotel in which Scott of the Antarctic planned his ill-fated expedition has been saved after being taken over by a UK chain.
Xmas 2005 would have been a good time but, like Scott of the Antarctic, I kept going, with similar results, although it was a lot colder at Southwell.
SCOTT of the Antarctic would have wept at the bunch of softies that we've all become.
They followed in the footsteps of Scott of the Antarctic, completing a 1,450-mile journey.
During the next decade he became a global star thanks to box office smashes such as Scott Of The Antarctic and We Dive At Dawn.
Explorer Scott of the Antarctic, who ran out of food and fuel on the ice, 'lacked an exit strategy'.
British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is writing a biography of his forbear, Robert Falcon Scott - better known as Scott of the Antarctic.
Many classic British features such as The Scariet Pimpernel (1934), Elephant Boy (1937), The Drum (1938), Four Feathers (1939), The Thief of Bagdad (1940), The Overlanders (1946) and Scott of the Antarctic (1948) contain his exquisite scenic footage.
1948 Se estrena la pelicula Scott of the Antarctic, con musica de Ralph Vaughan Williams.
It was found in the Cape Adare and is believed to have belonged to British explorer Robert Falcon Scott, who is better known as Scott of the Antarctic.
Only when conditions reached Scott of the Antarctic proportions were we allowed to wear long trousers, and then grudgingly.
Supermarkets were raided by shoppers stocking for a Siberian siege, schools closed and those who ventured out did so with the air of survivalists or Scott of the Antarctic.
As much as our Head of Images and his team take on the role of Scott of the Antarctic, they is good.