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counter tube in which light flashes when exposed to ionizing radiation

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Drill hole NWA-34 intersected a 10-centimetre zone, within a graphitic shear, with a scintillometer (i) reading of 1,400 counts per second at a vertical depth of 50 metres and located 20 metres west of zone 2A.
Mackevoy has recorded multiple scintillometer anomalies on the NE claim group and has commenced further ground exploration in those areas.
Once Gowda gets the scintillometer calibrated, he can use it to estimate the ET rate of any field, just by shooting laser light across the field to a target.
Table 1 Scintillometer survey meter data Air kerma rate Meas.
Also, when the tests are finished, Clarkson uses a scintillometer to ensure that all radioactive gold particles have been removed from the equipment and gold rooms.
Technical due diligence is to include ground scintillometer surveys and surface sampling with a view to delineating areas of economic uranium mineralisation.
Furthermore, during the days of flight operations a large aperture scintillometer (Table ES2) was operated across the Inn valley (Fig.
This work includes reconnaissance and prospecting surveys over three known occurrences of mineralization, selection and preparation of 10 channel sample lines crossing monazite veins in historic trenches, a scintillometer ground survey at l0-m station intervals in the vicinity of the exposed monazite occurrences, and geologic mapping of the monazite and host rocks.
The mineralization occurs within graphitic shales up to 75 meters depth and extending over good widths as determined by hand-held XRF and scintillometer readings.
The immediate work will consist of MAG and Scintillometer surveys accompanied by silt sampling, cursory prospecting, and outcrop drilling.
The potential for further uranium discoveries along strike from the La Haba mine area, within the granted areas is demonstrated by the 26 surface anomalies already identified by ground scintillometer surveying along the 32 kilometres of uranium host horizon.
Mapping and a detailed scintillometer survey reveals that the dyke swarm is 80 to 150+ meters wide, and consists of magnetic pegmatite and host psammopelite.
In addition, a scintillometer was deployed to measure turbulence in the lee of the southwest crater rim.
Data available for the Tumas drilling includes in-rod and open-hole gamma logging, XRF assay results and scintillometer measurements from samples placed in lead shielded box.
A detailed exploration program including grid establishment, detailed geological mapping, soil geochemistry, ground geophysics, scintillometer surveys and prospecting will be carried out over the highest priority areas.