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counter tube in which light flashes when exposed to ionizing radiation

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Drill hole NWA-34 intersected a 10-centimetre zone, within a graphitic shear, with a scintillometer (i) reading of 1,400 counts per second at a vertical depth of 50 metres and located 20 metres west of zone 2A.
A large block of "float" within the quarry has returned values of up to 300 counts per second on the scintillometer, whilst two samples from this float returned uranium grades of 365 and 464 parts per million.
Once Gowda gets the scintillometer calibrated, he can use it to estimate the ET rate of any field, just by shooting laser light across the field to a target.
Table 1 Scintillometer survey meter data Air kerma rate Meas.
At Hotagen, 700 radon caps and 400 line kilometres of ground scintillometer surveying was completed.
Mapping and a detailed scintillometer survey reveals that the dyke swarm is 80 to 150+ meters wide, and consists of magnetic pegmatite and host psammopelite.
4m mineralized interval in drillhole NWA-35 contained a 25cm section that gave an off-scale scintillometer * reading (>9999 cps)confirming the presence of high grade mineralization on the property (Mega s news release dated November 8, 2012) .
Data available for the Tumas drilling includes in-rod and open-hole gamma logging, XRF assay results and scintillometer measurements from samples placed in lead shielded box.
The radioactive intersections have been identified both with a hand held scintillometer check of drill core and by probing the drill holes with a Mt Sopris total counts gamma probe.
A detailed exploration program including grid establishment, detailed geological mapping, soil geochemistry, ground geophysics, scintillometer surveys and prospecting will be carried out over the highest priority areas.
The reader is cautioned that scintillometer readings are not directly or uniformly related to uranium grades of the rock sample measured, and should be used only as a preliminary indication of the presence of radioactive materials.
Follow-up on-site investigation of the magnetic anomaly shows high Total Count (CPS or counts per second) readings with a hand-held scintillometer.
All samples were collected during scintillometer and
On the surface, some of these upper sands exhibit scintillometer readings up to 14 times the local background.
This was measured with the handheld Exploranium GR-110G total counts gamma-ray scintillometer and stated as cps (counts per second).