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type genus of Scincidae

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In all subfamilies of Scincidae (Greer, 1970) the supraocular pattern exposed in Figures 24-25 reveal s no noticeable variations for either the 6, 5, 4, 3 broad longitudinal scales, or the reduced supraciliaries known for Leiolapisma, Emoia, Egernia, Ctenotus from Australia, Mabuya from middle East Africa and South America, Eumeces taeniolatus from Pakistan, Eumeces obsoletus from Kansas, USA, Scincus scincus from Irak, or Scincus mitranus from Saudi Arabia.
with its more than 100 species and 13 genera, we get back to the kind of supraocular pattern we were reporting before for scincids as some Eumeces, Scincus or Chalcides, all lizards showing a tendency to minimization of legs and to having snake-like features.
8, 136) y Solino (27, 21) y que segun parece resultaba toxico para estos depredadores --de donde procede su nombre--, el scincus que se corresponde con el escinco o eslizon, un tipo de reptil escamoso, y el parander, equivalente al tarandrus de Plinio (nat.