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Among psychological personality disorders: borders differences, anti-social, vainglorious, persecutor, anxious, depressed and schizophernia disordering have the most ability to commit suicide.
Balhara & Verma [33] in a study indicated the male sex and being single increases the risk of committing suicide through the patients of schizophernia and also depression and its characteristics is accompanied with the increase in this risk.
Dell Osso & Colleagues [37] founded in their search the following results: The participants who showed a high probability of suicide (Thoughts, plans, intention) included women, patients with psychological disorders and especially behavioral disorders, schizophernia or the fear disorders, and sexual obsession permanent and forever.
Committers have higher specifications (Hypochonria, Depression, Psychopathy, paranoia, psychastenia schizophernia, Hypomany) that ordinary ones.
June 12-16: International Congress for the Psychotherapy of the Schizophernia and other Psychoses Madrid.