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Synonyms for Schizaea

type genus of the Schizaeaceae cosmopolitan especially in tropics

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Pteridophytes such as Ophioderma pendula, Schizaea digitata, Ctenitopsis sagenioides, Schelloiepis persicifolia, Drynaria rigidula have Hainan as their most northern boundary.
Narrow strap-like branching fronds may represent a second type of fern, Schizaea, but in the absence of fertile material this cannot be confirmed.
In vitro spore germination of the fern Schizaea dichotoma.
A polytomy at the next node consists of Osmunda + Schizaea + the Permian species Skaaripteris minuta + a clade that consists of several Carboniferous fossil taxa + a clade that includes the heterosporous Hydropteridales + several living genera of Filicales.