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any metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers

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The mineralised zone is dominated by several close-banded iron, amphibole-magnetite schists and talc magnetite schists bearing ore bodies that have a west-northwest strike and a near vertical dip.
The lithology of the area consists of greenschists, mica schists, quartzites, hornblende schists, amphibolites, garnet-amphibolites, serpentinites and porphyritic hypabyssal rocks with andesitic to dacitic composition (Figure 1).
ICP and XRF analysis the graphitic schists include potential for
This area comprises a number of historical drill intersections as well as rock chip sampling of graphitic schists associated with the Mt Shannan Iron Formation.
Both the quartz-muscovite and talc schists are common lithologies in the schist melange unit.
Kiser Creek flows through mostly rural Haralson County, Georgia where it is affected in its headwaters by acid runoff and springs emerging from pyrite-rich schists.
Siliceous minerals are much more soluble in the presence of chloride ions (Wey & Sieffert 1961) and silica skins have precipitated on some schist surfaces, so groundwater has likely transported atmospherically derived chlorine-36 into the schists.
7 tonnes of rusty schist without quartz veining, and returned 1.
The amphibole schists on the other hand occur in places as greenish, fissile bodies sometimes weathered or as lenticular and sometimes ovoid shaped bodies comprising of indistinct dark colored bands of greenish black amphibole, light colored bands of plagioclase and minor quartz.
The drill holes cut significant thicknesses of anomalous to potentially ore-grade gold mineralization hosted in quartz-carbonate-clay altered, stockworked and brecciated carbonaceous schists and carbonates.
The gemstones are closely related to the contact between mafic schists and felsic gneisses and pegmatites.
Occasionally cassiterite bands are developed in the footwall schists in close proximity to the amphibolites.
Gold mineralization in hole TLD0401 occurred in sericitically altered metasediments of the Fairbanks Schist and within quartz stockwork veins in garnet and biotite-rich schists tentatively correlative with upper plate rocks of the Chatanika Terrane.