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Synonyms for schema

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

Synonyms for schema

an internal representation of the world

a schematic or preliminary plan

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Although it would be easy to model a scientific article with any of the aforementioned technologies and vocabularies, RDFa (a simple version of RDF) and Schema.
To give a more sophisticated example, the BBC and Schema.
com/ webmasters/tools/richsnippets) offered by Google, other utilities programmed to understand Schema.
Google News' algorithm will use ClaimReview from schema.
html">Trailer</a> </div> The second example uses the schema.
Although this is currently mostly a proof-of-concept effort, the layering of Schema.
Other search engines, particularly Google and Bing, are using rich snippet content in search results, and together with Yandex, support schema.
US is HQ for Miami web developer Bruce Arnold, a WebRTC WSQD and the expert-rated South Florida web designer to choose for native or hybrid Mobile Web apps and mobile-friendly W3C-valid HTML5/CSS3 secure responsive web design (#sRWD) with PHP/MySQL web development and jQuery/JavaScript web programming that passes 12 quality assurance tests and offers TLS security, Schema.
US) is the online HQ for Bruce Arnold, a WebRTC WSQD and the expert-rated South Florida web developer to choose for web marketing, hybrid HTML5 Mobile Web apps, and adaptive/responsive web design that is W3C valid HTML5/CSS3, WCAG accessibility checked, I18n issue-free PHP/MySQL and jQuery/JavaScript with embedded media and Schema.
Developed in PHP/MySQL (server-side) and JavaScript/jQuery (client-side) with a WordPress CMS and custom jQuery/AJAX English/Spanish content toggles, every page on the website passes ten objective tests of mobile web development and quality assurance including W3C HTML5 and CSS3 validation, inline styling and scripting minimization (unobtrusive/modularity), WAI/WCAG/Section 508 accessibility, semantics, syndication, link validation, internationalization, responsive web design, and Schema.
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