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delight in another person's misfortune

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Despite being a widely discussed topic in the media, Schadenfreude by sport fans has received relatively limited attention in academic research (Dalakas & Melancon, 2012; Leach, Spears, Branscombe, & Doosje, 2003; Sierra, Taute, & Heiser, 2010).
Comments were categorized to fit into various modes of Schadenfreude, a German word used to describe the feelings of pleasure and joy that one person experiences at the misfortune of others.
Three British television series, Tony Robinson's Worst Jobs in History, former Python Terry Jones's Medieval Lives, and the BBC Children Channel's Horrible Histories, are examples of the historical schadenfreude in their representation of medieval alterity.
Though Schadenfreude seeps into every aspect of our daily life and culture, conscious acknowledgment of the emotion often escapes us.
All the time, the First Nations people of Canada will be viewing this through a thick veil of schadenfreude.
The schadenfreude took precedence over genuine outrage at Tejpal's admitted sexual dalliances, until another leaked email revealed that it wasn't just ' drunken banter' but an accusation of rape.
And there was more good news for Villa fans after the final whistle in the form of a bit of schadenfreude as reports came through of Blues' last-gasp heartbreak in their FA Cup semi-final against Fulham.
It is doubtful that be intended Schadenfreude, the satisfaction of seeing disaster and distress occur to others--though that, no doubt, will add some flavour to the contemplation of what happens when tendons are seized by sudden extreme temperature, the 'pugilist' pose of the casts of the victims.
It is far cry from earlier in the campaign, when a home defeat by Swansea on December 2 left them in 10th as the doom-mongers revelled in some schadenfreude.
There's a bit of schadenfreude in our stuff, black humour.
By studying these phenomena, scientists are learning more than just where schadenfreude and jealousy lie in the brain; they're gaining an unprecedented view of how social influences can worm into a person's head.
Other words among the top 10 in 2012 were democracy, globalization, marriage, bigot, touche, Schadenfreude and professionalism, showing how much government and politics have taken over our national conversation.
We're not into schadenfreude here at 7DAYS Towers, well not too much, but even we raised a smile and managed a chuckle when we heard that Sven-Goran Eriksson had been unveiled as technical director of Thai club BEC Tero Sasana.
from France; schadenfreude from Germany; nada and adios from Spain, arriverdeci from Italy etc However, I do get tired of reading practicing where it should be practising.
Classifying Schadenfreude as morbidity is a stretch.